Amanda Is Out Of Control!

Amanda Lampert and Heather Pulford

On June 13, at the Fast Eddie's on N. W. Military in San Antonio, twenty two ladies came out to compete in the ladies' division of the Fast Eddie's 9 Ball Tour 2004.

Until you've “tried” to conduct a player's meeting for the ladies' division, you can't imagine what you might be missing. If it isn't Diana, it's Kim, or Melinda, not to mention Teedaa. Then there's Sharon , Audra, Kawania, Sophie, Michelle or Corina. Then, Nicole, Belinda and the noisy Chelsea Dean (or is that her Dad, Ted?). And then, there is Kim Sanders! Heather, Lisa , Jennifer and Elvie just sit there and smile. You feel like the riot will break out any second. When it's time to play, their personalities change to resemble creatures from a far southerly place as they are all business. All kidding aside, you ladies are a lot of fun.

Top picks were Amanda Lampert, Heather Pulford, Melinda Bailey, Audra Carter, Jennifer Kraber and Sophie Lopez.

Finishing 5-6th were great friends, Kawania Watson and Sophie Lopez of San Antonio. Both ladies played very well.

The fourth position went to Teedaa Clarke of San Antonio as she handled Audra Carter and Kawania Watson before being sent to the other side by Heather Pulford. On the one loss side, Teedaa dismissed Sophie Lopez only to run into a brick wall called Amanda Lampert. Teedaa's game is improving rapidly as she earned $140 for her fourth place finish.

Jennifer Kraber finished third with wins over Kim Pierce, Chelsea Dean and Sophie Lopez, but along came little Heather with ideas of her own. Jennifer moved left only to meet Amanda and was forced to settle for a respectable third place and $250. As James Davis Sr. said, “Ain't she sumpin'!”

Amanda Lampert! Ever heard of her? We have written her name so much this year we got writer's cramp and had to buy a stamp with her name on it! Amanda earned wins over Kim Sanders and Melinda Bailey when she ran into Jennifer Kraber and was forced to go to the one loss side. She, then, triumphed over Teedaa and the rematch with Jennifer was on for the winner of the one loss side. It was all Amanda, 5-1.

Heather Pulford plays with poise and determination and extremely well. She had victories over Lisa Moore, Diana Cardona, Michelle Cortez, Teedaa Clarke and Jennifer Kraber to jump into the hot seat.

The finals were set with Amanda coming off the left side to meet Heather. Amanda and some harsh rolls proved to much as Amanda won two straight sets, 7-1, 7-2. Heather, winner of the January event earned $390 and second place.

Amanda this! Amanda that! Well, why not? It's only her fourth Tour victory in a row! Inside Pool magazine will honor her as the inaugural Regional Player of the Month. We are extremely happy for her as she took home $530.

A very special thanks to Anne Mayes of AO Custom Cues who donates one of her beautiful creations to be raffled for the ladies add on. If you haven't seen or hit with one of these cues, you will be amazed!

Another thank you to Mr. Dan Freeman. Dan, always the gentleman, contributes and supports the ladies greatly and we all appreciate it.

Next month, Austin on July 16-18! See you ladies there! You do keep it entertaining!