American 14.1 Championship Underway

The 1st Annual American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship kicked off on Friday at Diamond Billiards in Midlothian, Va with a full field of 40 players in attendance.


Top players competing for this presigious title include Mika ImmonenDarren AppletonJohnny ArcherHuidji SeeMike DechaineKaren CorrBrandon ShuffJason Klatt and Shaun Wilkie


While Friday play did not involve any of the top seeds, notable wins were scored by Michael Yednak, Shaun Wilkie, Brandon Shuff, Mike Dechaine and Jason Klatt. 


Streaming of this event is available online at


Group 1 M.I. M.Y. L.K. B.J. D.F.
M. Immonen X        
M. Yednak   X 100    
L. Kressel   98 X    
B. Jewett       X 100
D. Frank       39 X


Group 2 J.A. S.W. H.C. A.L. M.W.
J. Archer X        
S. Wilkie   X 100    
H. Chin   84 X    
A. Lincoln       X 100
M. White       65 X


Group 3 D.B. B.S. J.C. D.P. A.K.
D. Barouty X        
B. Shuff   X 100    
J. Crawford   24 X    
D. Polo       X 100
A. Kumar       90 X


Group 4 M.D. D.M. T.W. M.K. E.C.
M. Davis X        
D. Mastermaker   X 17    
T. Walter   100 X    
M. Kimbro       X 31
E. Culhane       100 X


Group 5 D.A. B.M. S.M. J.T. M.F.
D. Appleton X        
B. Madenjian   X 100    
S. Matthieu   24 X    
J. Tarantola       X 100
M. Frank       49 X


Group 6 H.S. M.D. S.M. A.M. C.R.
H. See X        
M. Dechaine   X 100    
S. Morgan   60 X    
A. Milliman       X 100
C. Riley       86 X


Group 7 B.M. J.K. A.D. J.P. M.C.
B. Maidhof X        
J. Klatt   X 100    
A. Duty   15 X    
J. Parente       X 59
M. Clements       100 X


Group 8 K.C. K.C. D.N. P.B. N.C.
K. Corr X        
K. Clark   X 100    
D. Noe   32 X    
P. Burrows       X 87
N. Childress       100 X