American Men Pro Player Organization Announced

The new American men's player organization, the Association for Billiard Professionals, was announced at a press conference Monday by spokesman Johnny Archer with Rodney Morris and Stevie Moore at his side. Archer says the group intends to partner with promoters and sponsors in order to grow the professional game in America. One of their initial goals, spurred by the lack of prize payments to certain players in recent events, is to assure that promoters pay the money that is promised. "We go to these events to work, spend an average of $2,000 of our own money to get there, and we deserve the payouts that are promised and we should be paid promptly."

But Archer stressed that the past is the past and that the organization is firmly focused on the future. "We can't go back and change anything but we will partner with promoters to assure that future events are successful and meet their commitments." Archer says that the players will be willing to help promoters meet their attendance goals by offering demonstrations, challenge the stars events and other attractions to help generate the maximum possible gate for the event.

Archer stressed time and agan that the future of pro pool in America depends upon a team effort by players and promoters. He also said it was well past time that the players had a say in their own futures. "As it is now, the game is controlled by people with no skin in the game. Their interests are not always in common with ours, but if we team up everyone can maximize their benefits."

At the outset the Board of Directors will consist of twelve players, but the makeup of the ABP will not be set in stone until after the first meeting where officers will be elected and goals set. Contact has already been made with the BCA and the new group plans to work closely with the parent organization in order to adhere to international guidelines and provide a clean interface between the BCA and the players. 

AZBilliards will be in close touch with the new organization and will report on developments as they occur.