American Road Player – Be a Part of It

American Road Player (formerly American Hustlers) is a new web reality series focusing on the incredible and very real world of underground pool hustling. Now you have the opportunity to be a part of this groundbreaking event.  We are pleased to announce the December 1, 2014 opening of a crowd funding campaign on the website for season one, which will be produced by Side Pocket Productions.  The campaign seeks to raise $120,000 for the production of the first season of the series. The money raised will be used to film and present a very unique look into a sport and its players that have not received the attention and storytelling they deserve.

Side Pocket is very proud and excited to be associated with our sponsors Diamond Billiards, the Derby City Classic, Pool Dawg, Hustlin USA and AZ Billiards. These industry professionals have shown their belief and support in this project by offering amazing incentives for donations to the Indiegogo funding campaign.

On Monday December 1, 2014, go to and type in “American Road Player.” Currently you can also visit our Facebook page ( for more information. There will also be direct links to the campaign on and Facebook starting 12.1.2014.

Donations to the campaign in the first five days (December 1st to 5th) will receive special bonus incentives including:
15% off the listed price and 50% off the Shipping and Handling for the Diamond Billiards Pool Tables and accessories that are offered through this campaign only.
10% off the Derby City Tickets and weekend packages that are offered though this campaign only.
Every donor at all levels will receive a FREE Pool Dawg tip-pick!

The show will begin principle filming in mid-January 2015 and will revolve around Scooter Goodman, a family man from Cleveland, Ohio, who takes his crew from town to town looking for the next game that will pay his rent. His ultimate goal is to reach the Derby City Classic with a stack of money that will be on the line against the best players in the country. It's a life on the road that only the best can survive, so we will find out if Scooter is in fact "The Best Hustler in America."

By joining the campaign, you will be able to follow the action during filming on the road with updates and special events that are only available with Indiegogo donations. Don’t miss out of the opportunity to have a special inside look into the making of this show.

The expected release for the premiere episode of season one is April 2015. The series will be executive produced by Michael Murphey, who has produced for over twenty feature films and numerous television projects including most recently the international television hit "Hot SAF3", as well as Sony Pictures blockbuster hit "District Nine", which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Working with Mr. Murphey will be co-producers Peyton Thomas, an experienced film actor and producer, as well as Mickey Conway, an entertainment attorney and producer, whose recent credits include the sports film for ESPN Classic "Fifty Years at the Final Four".

You can check out a “Sneak Peek” of American Road Players on, the American Road Player Facebook page or through this link:

Join our campaign on December 1st and let’s tell a real story inside the world of a great sport.

American Road Player.  “Do You Have the Balls?”