American Rotation Championship Series Finals set for October 12

The American Billiard Club Association is proud to present the finals of our first ever;
American Rotation Championship Series, Oct 12th at Diamond Billiards Midlothian VA; one day before the US Open 9 Ball Championship begins.

Eight players have qualified and each is guaranteed a minimum of $1,000 for this one day Championship. One of the main goals of the American Billiard Club Association is to make it sensible and affordable for players to compete on a national level with one-two day expense paid events.

We will run as many of our Championships as close in time and location to professional events in an effort to help players cover their expenses to both and to help promoters gain more entries.

For the first American Rotation national Championship, eight finalists will be divided into two round robin groups of four. The top two from each group will move on to a single elimination bracket.
The finalists are:
Adam Wheeler, Cue-Phoria Billiards & Café, Winter Park, FL
James Roberts, Stroker’s Sports Bar & Grill, Palm Harbor, FL
New England
Joe Dupuis, Snookers Sports Billiards Bar & Grill, Providence, RI
Joe Tucker, Amazin Billiards, Malden, MA
Robert Hall, Bumpers Billiards, Huntsville, AL
David Rowell, Bumpers Billiards, Hoover, AL
Gordy Vanderveer, Jamaica Joe’s, Midwest City, OK
North Carolina
Scott Johnson, Gate City Billiards Club, Greensboro, NC

To get to this point, each player has played seven local matches of American Rotation, finished in the top 4 of their 8 local players and then qualified at a one day regional event.  These eight players will be sharing a purse of $12,000:
$3,000 & Title of First Ever American Rotation National Champion
$2,000 Runner-up
$1,500 3rd & 4th  and $1,000 5th-8th
Custom Case being made by John Barton to commemorate our Champion.

This prize fund, along with regional payouts, totals more than 100% of what the association actually brought in through player fees. We are building a flagship product for our players and our industry.

Please tune in to watch the live stream of our finals Oct 12th to get more details and to see which player name will go down in history. provides a direct link to the stream.

Session 2 of the American Rotation Championship Series II will begin the week of October 28th and run to Dec 9th. Championship finals will be held in conjunction with the 2014 Derby City Classic dates and location. The American Billiard Club Association is open to ALL players and any billiard club that can host eight high level or aspiring players for a seven week session.

Contact Joe Tucker as soon as possible at or (508) 840-6133 to get your 8 players and your Billiard Club on board.  Make a difference!

64 Clubs and 512 players doing what should have been done years ago!
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