American WPC Hopes Collapse

Earl Strickland

AMERICA suffered their worst ever showing at a World Pool Championship as not a single player has advanced into the last 32 of the competition as day five counts down in Manila.

Big guns like Archer, Strickland and Morris have all succumb at the PICC and of an original entry of nine players, four failed to clear the group stages while the other five all lost in the round of 64.

There is no real explanation for their collective meltdown although some players such as Crosby were unlucky to be eliminated while others like Mike Davis were never at the races.

Earl Strickland's off-the-wall behaviour never really helped his cause while others like Archer and Jones just lost to better players on the day.

At least five of these players will be back next month for the 13th running of the Mosconi Cup and for the USA's sake let's hope they have recovered sufficiently to win the title for the fourth successive year.

Here's how they all exited the 2006 Philippines World Pool Championship:

Earl Strickland – lost 10-2 to Liu Cheng-chuan (TPE) in last 64….. OUT!
Rodney Morris – third in Group 12….. OUT!
Jeremy Jones – lost 10-5 to Rodolfo Luat (PHI) in last 64….. OUT!
Corey Deuel - lost 10-3 to Wu Chia-ching (TPE) in last 64….. OUT!
Johnny Archer - lost 10-3 to Yang Ching-shun (TPE) in last 64….. OUT!
Mike Davis – fourth in Group 5….. OUT!
Charlie Williams - lost 10-5 to Sandor Tot (SCG) in last 64….. OUT!
Rob Saez – third in Group 5….. OUT! Tony Crosby – third in Group 2….. OUT!

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe