Amos Bush Wins His First Omega Billiards Tour Stop

Amos Bush
On the weekend of August 3rd-4th, Amos Bush not only won the Omega Billiards Tour's 5th stop of 2013 at Clicks Billiards in Arlington, TX, he did after losing his very first match!  Winning 12 straight matches in a row, including a double dip in the finals, Amos captured the first place prize and moved himself squarely into the top 5 Rankings!  
Amos lost his very first match to the always formidable Jesse Hernandez 7-4.   But that didn’t stop him – he went on a rampage and defeated Jim Colling 8-5, Anthony Shea 8-0, Willie Speed 8-4 and Jeff Georges 8-3 to make it to Sunday.  On Sunday he defeated Shannon Modesitt 8-4 then Corey Flud 8-0.  He then ran into a determined Tony Sulsar (winner of the last two stops), and that match went hill-hill with Amos coming out on top 8-7.  Then Amos had a rematch with Jesse and won 8-4, and also toppled over the always-tough Crispian Ng (newly BCAPL Nationals 9-Ball Champ) 8-5 and then Mike Voelkering 8-5 to earn a spot in the finals.
Mike Voelkering had another fantastic tournament placing 3rd.  He made it into the hotseat match with only one opponent getting over 3 games against him.  In the hotseat match, a heartbreaker carom on the 9 barely hung in the pocket for an almost hill-hill match.  He fought hard against Amos in the semi-final but Amos was shooting good all weekend, also, and Amos won 8-5.  Congrat’s to Mike for placing 3rd!
Undefeated till the finals was a determined Jack Lynch (known as “Jersey Jack”).  He had an excellent tournament and defeated a lot of good players to get to the finals!  He had wins over Tony Matthew 7-1, Danny Williams 7-6, Dylan Weinheimer 7-5, Corey FLud 7-3, Walter Huenerfuerst 7-2 and Mike Voelkering 7-5 where he then waited for Amos to make his way for the final match-up.
In the finals, Amos caught a gear and won the first set 8-1.  In the second set, Jersey was able to capture 4 games, but again Amos prevailed and won the second set 8-4.  Amos earned $560 plus a beautiful Lucasi cue for First Place and Jersey earned $450 for Second.  Mike earned $300 for 3rd place (payouts do not reflect the Player Auction).
A BIG shout out to newcomer Walter Huenerfuerst for placing 5th in his first Omega Billiards Tour event and also to Robert Sifuentes who might now be considered the “Giant Killer” as he got past several high-ranked players to place an impressive 7th place – his highest finish yet!
The Predator Player Points Tracker is for sure tested now with only one more stop left for the season to see who wins the coveted Predator prizes at Season Finale!  Tony Sulsar remains in 1st place, with Crispian Ng in 2nd and Mike Voelkering moving up to 3rd.  The top 3 ranked players earn Predator Prizes at the end of the year and everyone is anxious and ready to place higher and higher in the stops to move up on the list!  CSI / BCAPL are giving free entries to the 2014 BCAPL Nationals for players ranked 4th-8th at the end of the year, also.  Thank you to our additional sponsors, OB Cues, Irving Ink and Thread, Lucasi Cues, Players Cues,, and
Tour Directors Melinda Bailey and Brian Anderson would like to thank Click’s Billiards and their awesome staff for their great hospitality all weekend!  A big thank you also goes out to Michael Hoang, who is the main sponsor of the Tour and owner of Omega Billiards Supply in Hurst, TX.  Michael and Omega Billiards supply are well known for the huge booths at many of the large tournaments across the country. The last stop on the Omega Billiards Tour is scheduled for October 5-6 at Speed’s Billiards in Arlington, TX.  All of the six events for 2013 on the Omega Billiard Tour's inaugural season have been filled to their 64-player capacity, with a 60+ waiting list!  Pool is alive and thriving in Texas!! 
Thank you to all the players, fans, sponsors and pool rooms!!!