Amway Cup Day One

Yu-Ram Cha

Day one at the 2011 Amway Cup included a handful of surprises as well as the usual list of top players winning their opening matches. All of the day one matches saw the top three players in each 6 player group facing the bottom three players.

Group A
Group A went as expected with the top three players all going undefeated on day one. Of note is Yu-Ram Cha's 3-0 performance. Day two will be interesting, as the top three players will be facing each other.

Group B
Group B see's Taipei's Ya-Ting Chan with a 2-0 record. Chan had wins over the #2 and #3 seed in her groups, Jasmin Ouschan and Yun-Mi Lim. Chan was the only player to upset a top 3 seeded player.

Group C
Group C had the top three players going undefeated, although #3 seed Akimi Kajitani only played one match.

Group D
Group D saw Kyoko Sone upset #3 seed Ho-Yun Tan 7-2. Sone lost to #1 seed Kelly Fisher 7-3 to hold a 1-1 record.

Group E
Group E went well for Chihiro Kawahara on day one as she swept her matches against #2 seeded Shin-Mei Liu and #3 Monica Webb. Kawahara and #1 seeded Allison Fisher are the only undefeated players in the group.

Group F
Group F did not go as planned for Filipino Rubilen Amit. Amit lost both of her matches to lower seeded players. A 7-0 loss to Korea's Bo-Ra Jung and a 7-6 loss to Dou Dou Zhou left Amit in serious jeapordy of failing to advance from the group stages. Amit was not the only player to be upset by Zhou on day one as Zhou also scored a 7-3 win over #1 seed Shu-Han Chang.

Group G
Group G went as expected with the top three players going undefeated.

Group H
The lone upset in group H was Tzu Chien Wei's 7-1 surprise win over #1 seed Ga-Young Kim.

Fans can find all of the results from the event at the official website (scroll to bottom of page for group standings)