Andrew Attard wins Showdown Stop 4

Andrew Attard and Chris Jenkins

Sixty-six players participated in the fourth Showdown event on March 12th and 13th at RAXX in Brampton, Ontario. Many new faces came out to fight for the title. There were many upsets on Saturday as several top players did not advance to Sunday. John Jorgenson was knocked to the b-side with a first round loss to Dan Doerner. Neil Mills eliminated Jeff White with an impressive 7-6 win late Saturday. Shane Gummerson sent many players home as he rolled through the b-side bracket after a second round loss to Mario Morra on the A side.

Twelve players returned for the money rounds on Sunday. The many fans in attendance watched as Chris Jenkins defeated Mario Morra (9 - 3) and Andrew Attard pulled out a hill hill win (9 - 8) over Paul Thornley in the A side matches. On the B side, Shane Gummerson defeated Vince Belanger (7 - 4), John Morra defeated Mike Leigh (7 - 4), Paul Clutterbuck defeated Neil Mills (7 - 6) and Abby Chang defeated Bob Chaperon (7 - 5). Abby then went on to beat Paul Clutterbuck (7 - 5) and Shane Gummerson defeated John Morra (7 - 3). Paul Thornley took out Shane Gummerson (7 - 4) and Abby Chang continued his strong showing at the event with wins over Mario Morra (7 - 4) and Paul Thornley (7 - 4). Andrew Attard and Chris Jenkins battled for the hot seat and Andrew prevailed, winning the set 9 - 5. Chris went on to beat Abby in the finals of the B side with a nine on the break to win the match 7 - 5 and set up a rematch with Andrew.

As always at the Showdown event, the final match was one extended race to 11. The players battled back and fourth to tie the set at 7's before Andrew took control, becoming the RAXX Showdown Champion with an impressive 11 - 7 victory.

Complete results:
1st Andrew Attard - $1800
2nd Chris Jenkins - $1050
3rd Abby Chang - $600
4th Paul Thornley - $420
5th/6th Shane Gummerson and Mario Morra $265 (each)
7th/8th Paul Clutterbuck and John Morra $150 (each)
9th-12th - Vince Belanger, Mike Leigh, Bob Chaperon, Neil Mills $50 (each)

Chris Fawcette won the consolation tournament for players that were knocked out of the main event two straight.

The next Showdown event will be held at Le Skratch in Oshawa on April 9th and 10th.