Andy Segal Wins 2004 Las Vegas Open

Andy Segal

With the audience on the edge of their seats for most of the final round, Andy "The Magic Man" Segal tied his own World Record of 241 out of 333 points, to win the 2004 Las Vegas Artistic Pool Open.

The tournament was held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, in conjunction with the APA National Team Championships. Of the 24 player field, 9 of the top 10 players were in attendance, making this one of the toughest fields yet. Some new faces were welcomed by the audience and players, including Jose Rivas from Wisconsin. Rivas, only 14 years old, captured the hearts of many as he performed beautifully, and made 5 out of 5 shots in the follow discipline, winning the gold medal for that category.

Mike Massey was the leader in the clubhouse with 198 points, while the final flight of players, Tom Rossman, Steve Geller, and Andy Segal, prepared for their last round. The jump and masse shots prove to be the most difficult and exciting as the tournament winds down. The three stayed together for most of the match, with Andy Segal coming out on top with 241 points. Tom Rossman finished second with 207 points, and Steve Geller ended up with 194 points, finishing 4th to Massey's 3rd.

This event was produced by IAPA and sanctioned by the WPA. Thanks goes out to all of our sponsors for this event, including Brunswick, Championship Cloth, Aramith, APA, Shooter's Billiards, GTS, WebTec Hosting, Mike Massey, and Dr. Cue Promotions.

2004 Las Vegas Artistic Pool Open Results

Position Player Location Points Prize Money
1 Andy Segal New York, USA 241 $1,675
2 Tom Rossman Indiana, USA 207 $1,370
3 Mike Massey Utah, USA 198 $1,005
4 Steve Geller North Dakota, USA 194 $805
5-6 Nick Nikolaidis Quebec, Canada 185 $600
5-6 Stefano Pelinga Rome, Italy 185 $600
7 Lukasz Szywala Krakow, Poland 183 $400
8 Bruce Barthelette Massachusettes, USA 181 $310
9 Charles Darling Missouri, USA 176 $300
10 Ben Hogan Connecticut, USA 169 $290
11 Mark Dimick Oklahoma, USA 163 $280
12 Jamison Neu Missouri, USA 147 $270
13 Ken Aylesworth Washington, USA 139 $260
14 Sal Conti Connecticut, USA 134 $250
15 Bogdan Wolkowski Jaworzno, Poland 131 $240
16 Matt MacPhail Massachusettes, USA 124 $230
17 Jose Rivas Wisconsin, USA 110 $220
18 Marcell Kaiser Ratheim, Germany 107 $210
19 Paul Danno New Jersey, USA 102 $200
20 Michael Murray Massachusettes, USA 98 $190
21 Rick Hawkinson Indiana, USA 80 $180
22 George Middleditch Michigan, USA 77 $170
23 Jim Garabedian Connecticut, USA 62 $160
24 Gerry Woodlief New Jersey, USA 59 $150
Discipline Champions
Discipline Player Points
Trick and Fancy Tom Rossman 35 of 40
Prop / Novelty / Special Arts Andy Segal 38 of 48
Draw Andy Segal 39 of 42
Follow Jose Rivas 31 of 37
Bank / Kick Lukasz Szywala 36 of 39
Stroke Tom Rossman 40 of 41
Jump Tom Rossman 38 of 40
Masse Andy Segal 32 of 46
Sportsman Matt MacPhail
On Thursday, August 26, the players had a break in the action. Most took the day off, but 9 players went over to the Cue Club for an ESPN style knock-out tournament, where 12 shots are selected and each player gets 3 attempts at each shot. The first semi-finals had Nick Nikolaidis and Lukasz Szywala squaring off. Both Nikolaidis and Szywala will be appearing for the first time in the ESPN Trick Shot Magic tournament, scheduled for October 5-7, 2004 at the New York New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Szywala got by the Canadian champion and advanced to the finals. The other semi-final match was a repeat of the 2003 Trick Shot Magic event, with Mike Massey and Andy Segal meeting once again. This time, Segal was able to pull out a close victory. The finals saw close friends Lukasz Szywala and Andy Segal trading shot for shot. With 2 shots to go, the score was tied. Szywala selected a 9 point shot and came close on all 3 attempts. Segal, making it on his second attempt, mathematically eliminated Szywala and secured the win.

A special thanks goes out to Victor Conte and the Cue Club for sponsoring this event.

Cue Club Knock-Out Tournament - August 26, 2004

Position Player Prize Money
1 Andy Segal $720
2 Lukasz Szywala $360
3-4 Mike Massey $185
3-4 Nick Nikolaidis $185
5-8 Paul Danno
5-8 Charles Darling
5-8 Mark Dimick
5-8 Gerry Woodlief
9 Steve Geller
Stay tuned for the next event, ESPN's Trick Shot Magic, featuring the following players:

Charles Darling (USA)
Sebastian Giumelli (Argentina)
Mike Massey (USA)
Nick Nikolaidis (Canada)
Stefano Pelinga (Italy)
Tom Rossman (USA)
Andy Segal (USA)
Lukasz Szywala (Poland)