Anita McMahon wins CWPT Finale

Elizabeth Kishimoto, Bill Gualtieri Owner of Wooden Rack, and Anita McMahon

On November 26 - 27 2005, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its last stop "Bell Custom Cues Queen of the Mountain" Championship stop at Wooden Rack. With $1,000.00 added sponsor by Bell Custom Cues, Corporate Graphics, Tiger Products, Wooden Rack and Native Jewellery brought 30 regular players eager to play their best in this special event, but Anita McMahon, a pro player, wins this final event of the year.

Before the tournament started, an Annual Presentation was held at Wooden Rack and the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour awarded the End of Season winners with cash and trophies. Terri "Tiger" Mason was awarded the 1st place trophy and cash for the most points in the tour and 2nd place was earned by Grace Nakamura. The most break and runs goes to Naomi Williams and most 9-ball breaks goes to Maureen Seto. Other awards were given to the Second Chance Queen, Leanne Amable, and Most Improved Player was decided by a vote and was awarded to Corrine Johnson. Also, the players all received a tour jacket sponsored by Corporate Graphics and a free buffet "It was one of the best times that we ever had, and to top it off, we had a special presentation in Power Point to all the players that showed pictures of them shooting from past events. It was an exciting day." said Carolina Fernandez, CEO.

The competition was fierce and surprisingly the top favorites Naomi Williams, Terri Mason, and Grace Nakamura were sent early to the B-side. Anita McMahon, another top favourite, continues to stay on the A-side and reaches the match for the Hot Seat. Anita faces her challenger, Elizabeth (Libby) Kishimoto who needs to win five games to Anita's eight in this handicapped event. Will Anita stay on the A-side? In this match, Libby knew who is her challenger, focused all her attention on her stroke and strategy which lead to her best game! With a score of 5-5, Anita is sent to the B-side for the first time!

The matches continued on Sunday with the top eight players of the championship event returning - Anita McMahon, Libby Kishimoto, Maureen Seto, Nikki Manzer, Leanne Amable, Susan Wipper, Sophie Houle and Diana Yeoman. In the one-side loss matches, Maureen Seto, after defeating Sophie Houle 8-2 thus taking 5/6th place, now faces a tough challenger, Nikki Manzer. The match was exciting and spectators are anxious to see who will continue on to play Anita McMahon in the B-side finals. Nikki Manzar played solid in her B-side matches and even after defeating Diana Yeoman 5-1 who settle for 5th/6th place continued to play solid against Maureen Seto. With a final score of 5-5. Maureen Seto, a pro player who played outstanding in the tour settles for 4th place and now Nikki meets Anita in the B-side finals.

In the B-side finals, Nikki gets off to a great start by taking a leading score of 2-0 after a few key shots were missed from Anita. Anita takes note of her mistakes and makes sure that Nikki doesn't come back on the table. After Game 6, the score is 4-2, Nikki needed to stay in the game. Nikki decides to run out the rack, but a fatal mistake on the 5-ball gives control to Anita. Anita takes advantage and runs out the rack. Anita leads the score 5-2 and she continues with another awesome break that lands the white with a perfect combination shot to pocket the 9-ball. The score is now 7-2 and Anita is on the hill. On the break, Anita runs the rack, but got she got into trouble after a rattle on the 7-ball. Finally Nikki sees the light and finishes the rack. The score is 7-3. Nikki breaks and almost sinks the 9-ball. Anita with a sigh of relief, takes control of the table and runs up to the 7-ball. The 7-ball was a tough shot to play and Anita decides to play safe which Nikki returns with a safety of her own. Both players are playing smart defense shots. At the end, Nikki decides to bank the 8-ball. The 8-ball missed the pocket and was left a perfect shot for Anita. Anita finishes the rack With a score of 8-3, Nikki earns 3rd place and Anita is back to the A-side to change Libby once again.

In the tournament finals match, Anita needs to win two sets to defeat Libby. Anita was on fire as she takes five straight games against Libby. The score is 5-0 and Anita tries to run out the next rack but she rattles the 8-ball and Libby takes control on the table This brought more confidence in her stroke, and she came back with two more games after a perfect cut and safety shot on the 8-ball. Anita comes back with a couple of racks of her own which sees her win the first set.

In the next set, a stop clock was called due to timing in the event. Therefore, the pressure was on for both players. In the second set of the finals, Anita started of with winning the first four racks. In Game 5, Anita runs up to the 8-ball and she decided to play the 8-ball safe on to the rail. Although it was great decision from Anita, Libby played an amazing out as she sliced and diced the 8-ball with a great shape on the 9-ball. Nice shot! Libby takes her first game. Feeling confident, Libby takes control after a mistake on the 5-ball from Anita, which she runs out the rack giving a score of 6-2. The stop clock still continues and Anita calls for an extension. The shot was tough and she decides to play a hook shot. Libby doesn't see the shot and misses. Anita runs out the rack once again. With a score of 7-3, Anita is on the hill. Spectators were anxious to see what Anita will do next after her break on the table. No balls were pocketed and Libby pockets up the 4-ball. Anita takes control on the table, thus focusing to finish the whole match. Carefully, she cuts the 5-ball to make perfect shape on the 6-ball. The rest was a drill table and easily was finished. With an 8-3 score, Libby takes home 2nd Place and Anita wins the Bell Cues Queen of the Mountain Championship Stop.

Thank you to our sponsors, room hosts and the players for a successful 2005 season. See you in Season 2006!

Total Purse: $1,850.00

1st Place Anita McMahon - $550.00
2nd Place Elizabeth Kishimoto - $370.00
3rd Place Nikki Manzar - $270.00
4th Place Maureen Seto - $200.00
5/6th Place Sophie Houle/Diana Yeoman - $140.00
7/8th Leanne Amable/Susan Wipper - $90.00