Anita McMahon wins King Custom Cases WPBA Qualifier

Anita Mcmahon 1st Place and Grace Nakamura 2nd Place
Anita McMahon wins King Custom Cases WPBA Qualifier on August 13 - 14, 2005

The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its 5th Stop at Rak Pak Bar and Billiards in Mississauga, Ontario with $1,000.00 added, including aWPBA Qualifier 2006 Package sponsored by the room, Tiger Products and King Custom Cases. The event drew 33 players featuring returning champion Naomi Williams, Terri "Tiger" Mason, Maureen Seto (WPBA player), and other WPBA players such as Anita McMahon and Grace Nakamura, Stop #4 Champion, Diana Yeoman, and other outstanding 9-ball players from different areas of Ontario and Michigan. But Anita McMahon, who played solidly throughout the two-day event, shines in this event and takes the 1st Place cash and the WPBA Qualifier package. Anita McMahon is sponsored by Le Skratch Billiards and Skilcor Foods of Mississauga.

Rak Pak Bar and Billiards, owned by Morris Bartucci and Tom Payne, features seven Black Crown and 11 Dufferin tables, plus a state of the art cue repair facility. The room hosts more than 20 CPA 8-ball and 9-ball teams in the north region of Mississauga, and as well, has hosted the CPA 9-Ball Regionals for the past several years. The room also holds weekly 8-ball and 9-ball tournaments - call (905) 821-2500 for more information.

Anita McMahon storms through the A-Side, sending Star Williams (7-1), Corrine Johnson (7-5), and Terri Mason (7-4) to the one-loss bracket. In the Hot Seat match, Anita meets Maureen "Mo" Seto. Maureen starts off with two great wins. However, in the third rack, Anita steps up and takes two games from Maureen's rattles shots. The score stays close for the next six racks, but in game 10, Anita sees the light after Maureen scratches in the corner and gives Anita full advantage to run out, taking the lead 6-4. In game 11, Anita is on the hill and both players play outstanding safety games in an attempt to gain control of the match. Anita tried to play safe on the 5-ball but fails to hook Maureen. Maureen shoots the 5-ball long shot in the corner - Nice shot, but the white ball unluckily lands hooked for the 6-ball. Maureen misses the hit on the 6-ball, and with ball-in-hand, Anita runs out the table sending Maureen Seto to the B-side

After being sent to the B-side by Anita McMahon, Grace Nakamura is determined to meet Anita in the Final and defeats the Tiger Mason 7-5 (4th Place).Then Grace faces her previous challenger, Maureen Seto, in the B-Side final. During the match, both players fight for control and knotted the score a four games apiece, but Grace steps up to the plate in the ninth rack after an unfortunate sewer shot by Maureen. With a 7-4 loss, Maureen Seto settles for 3rd place.

This event has been very exciting so far for the spectators, as there was a lot of action from these experienced players. In the final match of the tournament, Grace faces off against Anita. In this true double elimination, Grace needed to win 14 games to Anita's seven. The start of the match was really quick as both players break was outstanding knocking the 9-ball into the pocket. In game 10, Anita takes a jump with a leading score of 6-3, which puts her on the hill. Anita breaks and runs up to the 7-ball, but lost her concentration and puts the cue-ball into the pocket. Grace with sigh of relief knowing that game would have been finished, takes the ball-in-hand and runs out the rack. In game 11, the score is 6-4, Grace breaks and nothing goes in. Grace sits and hoping for another break in the match. Anita runs up to the 4-ball but miscues and Grace receives ball-in-hand. Is Grace finally back in control? The 4-ball was in a tough position to get to the 5-ball. Grace makes a great shot but the shape wasn't good enough as it was a tough shot on the 5-ball. Grace decides to play safe and hooks the white ball behind the 8-ball. Anita hits the 5-ball but left a great shot for Grace to carom 5-ball into the 8-ball. Once again, the shape wasn't there for the 5-ball. Grace plays safe. Anita hits the 5-ball again off the rail and leaves it over the pocket. Grace takes the 5-ball but has an unfortunate rattle on the 6-ball. Luckily, the cue ball lands a hook shot for Anita. Anita, getting no breaks on this match, defends herself and almost sinks the 6-ball in the side. The 6-ball lands on a tough shot for Grace. Grace decides to cut the 6-ball but sewers the cue ball into the corner pocket. Anita sees the light and runs the table! Nice play by both ladies. With a 7-4 score, Grace Nakamura settles for 2nd place and Anita wins the King Custom Cases WPBA Qualifier.

Total Purse: $1,060.00 plus WPBA Qualifier package (includes $1,000.00 added):
1st Place - Anita McMahon - $200 + $755.00 WPBA Qualifier Package
2nd Place - Grace Nakamura - $310.00
3rd Place - Maureen Seto - $170.00
4th Place - Terri Mason - $120.00
5th/6th Place - Danielle Morris/Corrine Johnson - $80.00
7th / 8th Place - Sharlene Watkinson/Penny Devos - $50.00
(Longest Lasting Amateur player) - Donna Sasges - $40.00

Sunday Second Chance payout $140.00
1st Place - Penny Devos - $70.00
2nd Place - Leanne Amable - $40.00
3rd/4th Place - Nikki Manzer/Kathy Noordman - $15.00 each