Anna Wins in Texas

Heather Pulford, Amanda Lampert, Anna Kostonian and Leslie Anne Rogers

The last stop of the Hunter Classics Tour season was held at Big Daddy's in Alvin, Texas and 44 ladies competed for the first place prize of $750 and a WPBA Qualifier. Vickie McKillop, one of the owner's of Big Daddy's, broke her ankle and wasn't able to attend, but her husband Ed took care of the ladies while his wife took care of her ankle. She'll need surgery soon and we all wish her luck in a speedy recovery.

On Saturday, the members of the Hunter Classics Tour raised over $300 for Jackson Bacon, a bright 6 year old boy who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The money will go towards a "fun day" for Jackson and his parents to spend together - away from the hospital. To raise the money, a Breast Cancer Research Foundation Golf Club set and bag was donated by Owner Kathy Krabbenschmidt and Manager Tony Hinojosa of Fun City Golf Par 3 and Driving Range in Grand Prairie, Texas. The ladies surprised Jackson (who was able to make a visit with his proud parents, Jason and Nicole) with a large remote controlled robot he has been wanting for over a year. There wasn't a dry eye in the house as Jackson ripped open the wrapping - to his delight was the gift he has been asking for for so long. He walked around with it and showed everyone all the cool moves the robot could make and why he liked it so much. We found out later his Dad, Jason, was going to shave his head that night, because Jackson's hair is already falling out.

As matches commenced, only 12 ladies remained on Sunday and each wanted the donated WPBA Qualifier. Heather Pulford from Austin, Texas (who will be getting married in a week) had another great tournament finishing 4th and earning $300, even though she had flu-like symptoms. Heather cinched her second place ranking on the tour for 2005 and she was awarded the Most Improved Player for her year-long impressive play. Anna Kostanian from Albuquerque, NM traveled to Alvin, Texas to try to capture the WPBA Qualifier and she was closing in on her goal by winning the hot seat match over Amanda Lampert. Amanda was on her third break and run before missing a 6 ball in the corner. From there, Anna won the next 7 games and won by a score of 7-2. Leslie Anne Rogers placed 3rd in this event by the hands of Amanda Lampert with a score of 7-4 to set up a rematch with Anna. Amanda, from San Antonio, is well known for her smooth stroke and knowledge of the game with her wins on the Fast Eddie's Tour and at the Houston Open. In addition, she recently captured a Hunter Classics Tour win in June to play in her first WPBA event in Peoria, IL in August. Anna, just 18 and the 2004 BCA Junior Nationals Champion, is headed to the WPBA Nationals in November and just played at the WPBA US Open so she also wanted the Qualifier. The last match of the tournament was close and at 4-4 it was anyone's game. But, Anna won the next two games and pulled ahead 6-4. However, there were no more chances for Amanda as Anna sealed the win by snapping in the 9 ball on the break. Anna won $750 for first place and the WPBA Qualifier for a WPBA event in 2006. This young sharp shooter is amazing to watch as she runs out each rack or plays mean safeties. Only Tara McCracken could get to the hill against Anna, no one else could claim over 4 games against her.

Leslie Anne Rogers became the Tour Champion for the fifth year in a row by placing 3rd in this event. Leslie Anne who is also playing on the WPBA Tour and trying to become a Touring Pro, has set a record with her 5th Tour Champion win. Congratulations, Leslie Anne.

A HUGE thank you to Wes Hunter who will be sponsoring the tour for it's 13th year in 2006! Wes donated a beautiful $2,500 Hunter Classics Custom Cue that was raffled off at this event. In addition, an extra $250 was added to the prize fund for the ladies by Royce Bunnell and Don Owen of OB-1 cue shafts. Their OB-1 shafts are hot property right now. Just ask second place finisher Amanda Lampert who is sponsored by them and loves hers. Everyone that shoots with the shaft wants one. Case in point is Monica Anderson who switched to her new OB-1 cue shaft on Sunday and won her very first Second Chance tournament!

Partial payouts:

1st $750 and WPBA Qualifier, Anna Kostanian
2nd $550, Amanda Lampert
3rd $450, Leslie Anne Rogers
4th $300, Heather Pulford
5th/6th $180, Shayla Neris and Tara McCracken
7th/8th $120, Michelle Ram and Anne Mayes