Another Amazing Pool Event in Galeria Echo

World Trick shot Champion Bogdan Wolkowski defended Polish Champion title in billiards' trick shots. Thousands of people were watching the billiards' festival in Galeria Echo of Kielce. 

With the applause of thousands of cheering viewers Bogdan Wołkowski did what he had been obligated to do as The 12 times World Champion. He defended title of Polish Champion, during prestigious competition that occurred in Galeria Echo, Kielce last weekend. It was close to a sensation, especially in semis, mainly thanks to the youngest in the competition - Bartosz Rozwadowski (Nosan Galeria Echo Kilecle).

The final that all around had dreamed about resolved between the same players that played in the final a year before: Bogdan Wołkowski from Jaworzno and Ziemowit Janaszek of Kielce. Defending Champion did not want to loose the title but he had to admit that Ziemowit played well so he was pushed to present his best shots to win. After 14 attempts Wolkowski had an adventage that Janaszek was not able to reduce.

The participants of the Great Final were chosen during the semis and the elimination round. Ziemowit Janaszek was slightly better in first semi-final than Karol Skowerski (Nosan Galeria Echo Kielce). Living Legend of Pool became the best in the eliminations that was played first day. 

Rozwadowski (third in elimination stage) who was facing Wołkowski in their semi for the most of the match was really close to upset The Champion. For the first shots Young Star of Nosan Galeria Echo Kielce was closer to the final match. But Wołkowski could not let himself to loose. Very valuable masse shot gave him twelve points and the final match against Janaszek.

The final match was preceded by  a game show  between Nosan Galeria Echo Kielce (six times polish team champion) and Team of Stars. For The Stars played: Ewa Bąk (MUKS IKS Tarnów - triple medalist of Polish Women Championship from 2013), Bogdan Wołkowski, Mariusz Skoneczny (Duet Lipiński Dachy Tomaszów Mazowiecki MVP od last season in Poland and European Team Champion) and Sebastian Batkowski (Frame Łódź - runner up in Youth World Championship and European Champion of Youth). The team was led by Marcin Krzemiński - WCBS Member and National Team Coach. Coach of Nosan Galeria Echo Kielce, Marek Karlikowski nominated to play: Katarzyna Wesołowska (European Championship silver medalist individual and European Team Champion), Bartosz Rozwadowski (former Polish Champion), Michał Turkowski (Polish Champion) and Karol Skowerski (WPM Champion, Runner up in WCoP).

The Game Show inaugurated the Celebraions of 20th anniversary of Świętokrzyskie Stowarzyszenie Bilardowe and it was a chance to show, how the Polish League is going to look like this year (three players for all times all around the table, personal changes every 4 racks, "joker shots"). After incredible performances from both teams Nosan Galeria Echo Kilece won 10-7. But now we are sure: This League season will thrill all pool fans!

It was another amazing pool event in Galeria Echo. During all weekend few thousand of people were fascinated by True Que Artists. We would like to thank Galeria Echo in Kielce and Świętkorzyskie Stowarzyszenie Bilardowe for making it possible. We were also pleased with presence of journalists intrasted in what was going on during that weekend. 
Like always greate job from Crew of which broadcasted that pool festival for free. Piece of amazing work from Masters of the Ceremony: Grzegorz Kędzierski and Emil Paliwoda and cameramen: Jan Niewęgłowski and Michał Kozłowski. 

Season in Polnad has just taken off with an incredible event. How is it going to look like? Watch –  and follow us on !