Another Gold Giveaway For April!

This time we are giving away something for which we see a lot of requests. Bullseye Billiards is a game modeled to some degree off of the old Target Pool that was so popular twenty years ago. All five winners will receive the game! You have until April 30 at midnight to become Gold and eligible for this drawing. Just go HERE to become a Gold AZB'er.

Improve your billiard/pool skills by playing Bullseye Billiards!

No more need for dull practice drills when you can play against friends and practice at the same time. This billiard training aid is played as a game, so you won't even realize you are working to improve your skills! The shots in Bullseye Billiards are designed for beginning to intermediate players who want to run more balls and win more games.

Anyone can pocket a ball, but running racks also requires cue ball positioning. The shots in Bullseye Billiards are designed to help you gain more control of the cue ball through deliberate practice.

Every box of Bullseye Billiards comes with:

    •    Book of 200 shots with directions. Each shot has a diagram for the line of aim, tip contact, stroke speed, and an instructional hint.
    •    Full-size target, half-size target, and some smaller targets made of high-quality fabric that lays flat on the table and won't crease.
    •    Score pad with 25 scoresheets for Around the World
    •    Score pad with 25 scoresheets for Shot Count
    •    100+ ball placement stickers
    •    Bullseye Billiards pen


Bullseye Billiards may be purchased at: or on