Another “Golden day” for Team Germany

The Winning Teams
The team competition at the Dynamic Billard European Pool Championships 2018 have been decided. Team Germany once again dominated the day and took 4 out of 7 Gold Medals.
Probably the most prestigious division was won by team Poland today. The Polish team was up in the final match against the „hometown heroes“, the Dutch team. The match was action-packed and filled with excitement and pressure. The first point went into the account of The Dutch team when Ivar Saris took the 8-ball match with 8:4 against Konrad Juszczyszyn. Some time later, Tomasz Kaplan was able to tie the match for the Polish team, winning the 10-ball match with 8:6 over Marc Bijsterbosch. The tension rose and the atmosphere was great. Karol Skowerski had to deal with „The Terminator“ Niels Feijen in 9-ball. That match was almost over when Feijen missed a shot, trailing 7:8 to Skowerski. But the Polish also showed some nerves and missed one of the four remaining balls, letting Feijen back to the table. „The Terminator“ went for it and cleared the table, levelling the match at hill-hill 8:8. The crowd went crazy and supported Feijen big time. One could hear a pin drop when Skowerski broke the rack in the deciding 17th rack. The 1-ball went in the side pocket but the 3-point-rule was violated so Feijen came to the table. He did not have a shot at the 2-ball so he passed the table back to Skowerski. The 2-ball was lying in the area of the corner pocket with the 6-ball blocking its way in. Skowerski played a push-out so that the 2-ball way playable but it did not have a pocket to go in. Feijen passed the shot back and Skowerski’s moment of glory was there. He took careful aim and fired the 2-ball into the 6-ball which was pocketed. From then on, the table had no more problems and Skowerski cleared it in order to win the 9-ball over Feijen with 9:8 and take the title with a 2:1 team result over team The Netherlands. „We are all playing at an equal level“, stated Skowerski after the final match, „we win together and lose together. We eliminated some really strong opponents and are now back on top with the team after 2015.“ „Hopefully, this victory will give a big boost for the game in our country“, Konrad Juszczyszyn added.
Top 4 Men
1. Poland
2. The Netherlands
3. Croatia
In the women’ team competition, the final match between Portugal and the Ukraine was pretty surprising since the „usual suspects“ got eliminated in earlier rounds. Team Russia who played the final match in the previous four years and won it twice got ousted by the Ukraine in the semi-finals this year. However, the final match went to the liking of team Portugal. Sara Rocha quite quickly took the 9-ball with 7:4 over Kateryna Polovinchuk. Also Vania Franco did not have many problems with Viktoria Nagorna, winning the 8-ball clearly with 6:2.
Top 4 Women
1. Portugal
2. Ukraine
3. Russia
    The Netherlands
The senior’s division was taken by team Germany, defeating the team from Portugal 2:1. Like in the men’s division, the first point went quite promptly into the account of the losing team. Henrique Correia who is known to play as fast as a whirlwind took the 10-ball over Germany’s #1 senior player Reiner Wirsbitzki with 7:3 after 1 1/2 hours. Around that time, Mario Maerz was 5:5 with Sergio Silva in 8-ball and Dirk Stenten was 6:6 with Manuel Pereira in 9-ball. The match was totally open with all odds in favour of the Portuguese team. But Germany managed to turn the tide in that match. Almost at the same time, Stenten and Maerz finished their respective matches, having not given away any more racks to their opponents from the moment mentioned. Maerz won in 8-ball 7:5 while Stenten took the 9-ball 8:6.
Top 4 Seniors
1. Germany
2. Portugal
3. The Netherlands
The next Gold Medal of the day was collected for the German team by the Under 19’s team in their match against Russia. Christian Foehlich and Alen Salic took their matches pretty clearly. Foehlich won the 10-ball over Egor Trifonov 7:1 while Salic defeated Ilia Nekleenov in 9-ball 8:5. Only Luca Menn was outplayed by Dmitrii Shkodov in 8-ball with 5:7.
Top 4 U19
1. Germany
2. Russia
3. Denmark
Also in the Under 17’s division, Germany was victorious today. Having lost the winner’s qualification round to team Norway with 0:2, the Germans won the loser’s qualification round with 2:0 over Bulgaria and then ended the Finish hopes for the title with 2:1 in the semi-final. In the final match, Germany met team Poland. For many years, Poland has strong athletes in the youth. Just like this year. But Germany also seemed to have invested in their youngsters. Jacques Wollschlaeger won his 8-ball with 6:2 over Dominik Jastrzab while Dennis Laszkowski won the 9-ball 7:5 over Szymon Kural. That turned the scoreboard already to 2:0 for Germany. At that time, the 10-ball was aborted with Oskar Jamorski leading 5:3 over Moritz Neuhausen in a race to 6.
Top 4 U17
1. Germany
2. Poland
3. Finland
In the girls’ division, the final match was played between team Russia and The Netherlands. Valeriia Trushewskaia won the 9-ball very fast with 6:1 over Megan Rademakers. Lynn Pijpers was trailing 2:3 to Viktoriia Gurova at that time. But Pijpers wanted that title. She hung in there and pulled track after rack from Gurova, eventually winning the 8-ball with 5:3. The match had to be decided by a shoot-out. Both teams showed that the pressure was on. Only one athlete stood out: Valeriia Trushewskaia. She pocketed all of her attempts in the shoot-out and brought the victory and the title in the girl’s division to Russia.
Top 4 Girls
1. Russia
2. The Netherlands
3. Belarus
In the ladies’ division, once again Germany was the winner defeating Sweden in the final match. Annika Nilsson overcame Karin Michl surprisingly clear with 6:2 in 9-ball. Nilsson’s teammate Ann-Sofie Loefgren was all square with Susanne Wessel in 8-ball at 2:2. Then, Wessel took the steering wheel in the match and managed to outplay her opponent with 5:3 in the end. The final match had to be decided in the shoot-out. Here, the Germans were better and won with 3:1, taking the title in the ladies’ division.
Top 4 Ladies
1. Germany
2. Sweden
3. Italy
Medal table after 4 of 5 events
[photo id=50109|align=right]
Having won 4 Gold Medals today only, team Germany is probably already the winner of the medal table of this 40th anniversary European Championships of the EPBF.
The Dynamic Billard European Pool Championships 2018 will commence tomorrow morning at 09:00 CET with loser’s round matches in the 9-ball individuals.
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