Appleton Exits He

Darren Appleton (GBR) Foto: EPBF/AMM

Souquet, Melling and Peach also on their way home

Friday, 20 April 2012: In a high class entertaining match, Darren Appleton (GBR)
defeated Mario He (AUT) with 8:6.

Both players are considered to be “heavyweights” in the European pool scene. Mario He just won the European crown in 8-ball, while Darren Appleton has won the US Open in Chesapeake in October last year. The contestants performed on a high level. No wonder, after twelve racks the score was 6:6. As a summary so far it could be seen that Appleton seemed to win his break game more easy than He. The Austrian had to struggle quite some time and also benefitted from some minor mistakes that Appleton had played. In the 13th rack, Appleton played a “monster break shot”, three balls went down, and everything was in the open with the cue ball lying in a good position for the 1-ball. Of course, Appleton took that chance and went on the hill first. Then it was He's turn to break. The pressure on him was on. He knew that he had to perform a good break shot, otherwise he would be history in the tournament. He pocketed two balls and had position on his first ball. But instead of going for the rack, he decided to enter in a safety exchange with Appleton. That was a brave attempt. He almost won it, but he positioned the cue ball too straight on the 5-ball. He had to play
a push shot and missed it, giving Appleton the chance to run the rack which Darren Appleton did. He won the match after a fierce fight with 8:6 and advances to the final 16 players who are left in the field.

The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket
Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website , follow us on twitter @EPBF_News or contact our press office.