Appleton gives Team Europe four point lead at Mosconi Cup

Darren Appleton

The second match of the day at the 2011 Mosconi Cup saw both Shawn Putnam and Darren Appleton overcome by the Christmas spirit of giving. 

Putnam got the gift giving underway in the first rack when he missed a 9-ball that he would make 99 out of 100 times. Unfortunately for him, this was the 100th time. 

Appleton returned the gift in the next rack when he scratched on the break and Shawn quickly ran the rack for a 1-1 scoreline.

From there, the wheels completely fell off for Putnam as the pressure of the situation and possibly the memory of the early 9-ball got the better of him. Putnam missed a handful of shots and Darren was more than happy to keep the pressure on as he took advantage of each gift from Putnam.

By the end of the match, it was Appleton celebrating a 6-2 lead and Team Europe enjoying an 8-4 lead; their biggest so far.

Next up, Johnny Archer and Rodney Morris try to stop the bleeding against Niels Feijen and Ralf Souquet.