Archer and Varner invade West Coast

For the entire month of April the Legends and Champions Pool Tour featuring Hall of Famers Johnny (The Scorpion) Archer and (The Kentucky Colonel) Nick Varner will be on the road again, visiting towns and cities both large and small around the Western Region of the country. Archer and Varner will be performing fun and exciting exhibitions and holding four hour instructional clinics for the pool enthusiasts.
"This is the longest tour we have ever done" Said Mark (T-Wheels) Cantrill of the Legends and Champions Pool Tour. "We have come a long way over the past few years, adding things to the show, taking things away to make the experience as fun and entertaining as possible, the Players have really got a system down to make sure that the people who attend the clinics get as much out of them as possible. So right now I truely believe that we have the greatest pool and billiards show on the planet. Trick shots, stories, audience participation, challenge matches, raffles, and a chance for spectators to play along side a World Champion in a rack of scotch doubles featuring two of the greatest players in history. Who could ask for more?" Continued Cantrill.
"We were around the same area last year for a Western Tour, but that was just with T-Wheels and myself." Said Varner " We had a great response and just about every pool room asked us to promise that we would come back again next year and so here we go" continued Varner.
"I am looking forward to going back to some of the areas we have been to before while touring and seeing some new ones. Since Nick and Mark got back from the last trip in that area they have talked about nothing else but getting back on that same trip and how nice the people are and how the drive in just beautiful so I am really looking forward to this." Said Archer.
The clinics allow only 12 students and the group is divided into 2 groups. Each group will spend 2 hours with each of the Hall of famers for a total of 4 hours of instruction. The fee for the clinic is $200.00 per person. Below is the schedule for the Western tour, if you have any questions or would like to reserve a spot in one of the clinics please feel free to contact Mark Cantrill at or by phone at 480-612-7732.
Wed April 4th = Salt Lake City, Ut - Clinic = 11am to 3pm/ Exhibition 7.30pm at Batters Up
Fri April 6th = Bozeman, Mt - Exhibition = 7.30pm at The Eagles Lodge (Bozeman)
Sat April 7th = Bozeman, Mt - Clinic = 11am to 3pm at Eagles Lodge (Bozeman)
Sun April 8th = Helena, Mt - Clinic = 11am to 3pm at Eagles Lodge (Helena)
Mon April 9th = Helena, Mt - Exhibition = 7.30pm at Eagles Lodge (Helena)
Tues April 10th = Spokane, Wa - Exhibition = 7.30pm at Black Diamond
Wed April 11th = Spokane, Wa - Clinic = 11am to 3pm at Black Diamond
Thurs April 12th = Tacoma, Wa - Clinic = 6pm to 10pm at Malarkey's
Fri April 13th = Tacoma, Wa - Exhibition = 7.30pm at Malarkey's
Sun April 15th = Portland, Or - Clinic = 11am to 3pm at Classic Billiards
Mon April 16th = Medford, Or - Exhibition = 7.30pm at Rack'em Billiards
Tues April 17th = Medford, Or - Clinic = 6pm to 10pm at Racke'em Billiards
Wed April 18th = Willow Creek, Ca - Exhibition = 7.30pm at P & J's Billiards
Thurs April 19th = Willow Creek, Ca - Clinic = 6pm to 10pm at P & J's Billiards
Fri April 20th = Redding, Ca - Exhibition = 7.30pm at Hot Shots Family Billiards
Sat April 21st = Redding, Ca - Clinic = 11am to 3pm at Hot Shots Family Billiards
Sun April 22nd = San Ramon, Ca - Clinic = 11am to 3pm at Crown Billiards
Mon April 23rd = San Ramon, Ca - Exhibition = 7.30pm at Crown Billiards
Tues April 24th = Reno, Nv - Exhibition = 7.30pm at Diamond Billiards
Wed April 25th = Reno, nv - Clinic = 6pm to 10pm at Diamond Billiards
Fri April 27th = Riverside, Ca - Exhibition = 7.30 pm at Cues Billiards
Sat April 28th = Riverside, Ca - Clinic = 11am to 3pm at Cues (Nick only $150.00 per student)