Archer remains unbeaten, Morris makes big comeback and first eliminations from 2007 US Open

Rodney Morris

As day three of the 2007 US Open 9-Ball Championship winds down, a small handful of players have now been eliminated. Notable players already relegated to the bleachers include Luc Salvas, Eric Hjorliefson and Frankie Hernandez.

The winners side is still jam packed with top talent and marquee matches on Wednesday will include Ernesto Dominguez vs Stevie Moore, Louis Ulrich vs Alex Pagulayan, Shawn Putnam vs Larry Nevel and Edwin Montal vs Marcus Chamat.

Tuesday action saw a number of top players competing. Rodney Morris trailed Michael Fuller 8-2, but came back to score an 11-9 victory. Charlie Williams was not able to put together any sort of comeback as Edwin Montal made quick work of him 11-3. Another notable match on Tuesday was Johnny Archer's win over Phil Richardson. Archer won 11-0 and is now 22-0 for the tournament.

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Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe