Archer vs Strickland at Old School Champions Showdown

Two of the absolute legends from the world of Professional Pool will come together this weekend to help raise money for one of their own, when Johnny Archer and Earl Strickland come together at Smokin Cue Billiards in Charlotte, NC for a fundraiser to benefit Tommy Kennedy. 

Kennedy has been in poor health since March, when he took a fall at a pool tournament he was running, and suffered a concussion. Kennedy is slowly on the mend, but the medical bills have piled up for his treatment. 

The fundraiser between Archer and Strickland is being put together by Kennedy’s longtime friend Ron Park and will feature a day of “Challenge the Champs”, trick shot exhibitions and raffles on Saturday and a race to 30 9-ball match between the two stars on Sunday. 

Fans who can’t make it to Charlotte for the event will still be able to be involved as Upstate Al of AzB TV will be providing a stream all weekend long on his Facebook page at Fans who are in the Charlotte area are urged to contact Ron Park at 203-770-4663 for ticket information. Companies interested in being involved as sponsors should also contact Park.