Archer wins in Glass City

Johnny Archer

Johnny Archer has won the 2005 Glass City Open.

Archer ended the day on Friday, with a 10-7 loss to Earl Strickland who went on to take the hot-seat on Sunday afternoon. The loss to Strickland did nothing to quench Archer's drive to win the tournament as he scored wins over Mark Jarvis, Danny Basavich, Brandon Ashcraft, Shawn Putnam and Steve McAninch on the one loss side to earn his place in the finals against Strickland.

The final match stayed close most of the way, with both players tied at 5-5 and 6-6. Archer was able to pull ahead at 8-6, but Strickland cut the lead in half and got back to 8-7. Archer was first to the hill at 9-7 with Strickland winning the next game to get back to 9-8.

The final game of the match saw Archer push out to a very difficult 1-ball. Strickland passed the shot back to Archer and after much study and deliberation, Archer banked the 1-ball into the 4-ball making the 4-ball but leaving a tough shot on the one. Archer cut the 1-ball in and got decent shape on the 2-ball. That was all he would have to do as Strickland arose from his seat and racked in the remaining balls to give Johnny the match.

The win was worth $10,000 for Archer, while Strickland pocketed $6,500 for second. McAninch and Putnam filled out the top four spots.

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Complete Results:
1st Johnny Archer $10,000
2nd Earl Strickland $6,500
3rd Steve McAninch $4,500
4th Shawn Putnam $3,500
5th/6th Brandon Ashcraft, Al Lapena $2,000
7th/8th Danny Basavich, John Macias $1,600
9th/12th Mark Jarvis, Ryan McCreesh, Tommy Kennedy, Juan Garcia $1,225
13th/16th Corey Deuel, Ronnie Wiseman, John Binion, Marco Marquez $900
17th/24th Bobby Hunter, Adam Smith, Mike Davis, Nick Varner, Chris Szuter, Court Bradley, Larry Nevel, Robb Saez $600