Asia Supremacy: Team Philippines Eye Strong Showing Vs Team Chinese Taipei

Team Philippines is determined to put on a show when it faces Team Chinese Taipei in the 2024 CPBA 9-Ball Teams Invitational dubbed as Asia Supremacy to be held on May 27, 28 and 29 at the former Park City Banquet Plaza, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Leading the Philippine charge are the best of the best, including the veterans led by Carlo Biado, Johann Chua, James Aranas, Jeffrey Ignacio and Bernie Regalario.

“We hope to do well in this event” said Biado.

Chinese Taipei will be fielding Ko Pin Yi, Ko Ping Chung, Chang Jung Lin, Chang Yu Lung and Wu Kun Lin.

Supporting Team Philippines will be JR Velasco and Marvin Paringit of Marboys Billiards.

“They’re all ready,”  Velasco said.

“It’s hard but we will try our best,” added Paringit. “That’s our challenge.”

While Chinese Taipei Team will be supported by Marvin Wang and Jackie Ku of CPBA and Fullcan Sports. They will all be non playing team captains as well for their teams respectively.

The winning team gets $15,000 and the losing team will take home $7,500 in this 9-Ball Team Tournament, presented by Fullcan Sports and Marboys Billiards.

Fullcan Sports is a subsidiary of the CPBA Group, mainly responsible for hosting international billiards events and the assistance of players‘ tournaments itinerary and sports agent.

While Marboys Billiards on the other hand handles and manages the best nineball players from the Philippines. Currently they are the only team in the world nineball tour. They usually send 5-7 players regularly in major tournaments like the UK Open, World Championship among others.
Marboys Billiards cue artists are also scheduled to compete in World Pool Championship in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on June 3-8. There will be a China 9 ball tournament on June 28-July 5 in China. Then Bandung Indonesia on July 10-14. Then August for the European Open Championship and US Open.

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