Asia vs USA/Europe in Women’s First Ever Queens Cup

Chicago,IL - Dragon Promotions once again is making history bringing together the hottest women in billiards from the three strongest billiard continents in the 1st Annual Queens Cup! It's East vs West as four Asian women take on the women's team formed from USA and Europe. 

The event will select four women from Asia and four women from the Western continents of Europe and the United States. The two teams will battle over three days in a format which will include singles, doubles, and 4-on-4 matches. Previously DP produced the first ever women's 3cushion carom event where Korea vs World Team of Japan,USA, and Europe. But Dragon Promotions plans on the Queens Cup being a yearly spectacle and to build it as a premiere billiards event. 

"We have been planning this event for some time now, and this year the event will push through. We have produced many team events that have had great success which have included women and men. But this will be the first ever pocket billiards women's team tournament which will showcase the already existing rivalry of Asia vs the West," said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions.
And the big question will be who will be on the team and where will it take place?
"We want that to be a surprise. We will announce the chosen players for the team before long, but it will be a strong team of players. As far as location, more than likely it will take place in Asia," Lee adds on.

The event will be telecasted internationally on multiple networks including TV giant ESPN Star Sports which penetrates over 200 million households. The Queen's Cup is slated for this summer.
Dragon Promotions is one of the leading producers of billiard programming in the world today. Dragon produces over 40 events a year airing on networks in the Philippines, USA, Korea, India, and Europe such as ABS-CBN, ESPN, MBC ESPN, XTM, XPORTS, and EuroSport. Events include The Women's World 10-Ball Championship, The World 14.1 Championship, The Predator International 10-Ball Championship, King & Queen of Carom, Empress Cup, Pro Pool Schools, Masters of Trickshot , World Junior 10-Ball Championships, Korea vs USA, World Mixed Doubles Classic and many more.  Dragon also manages some of the world's best players including Mika Immonen, Jeanette Lee, Shanelle Loraine, Mike Davis, Yu Ram Cha,  Raj Hundal, Rodney Morris,  Charlie Williams, and many more.  

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