Atencio Over Shaw at Derby One Pocket Division

Jesus Atencio (Erwin Dionisio)
In any pool game, and especially One Pocket, it is said that experience and the ability to “out-move” your opponent is the key. Sometimes though, not knowing that the shot you are lining up is the wrong “move” can be a player’s best friend. That might have been the case in round 9 of the Derby City Classic One Pocket Division on Wednesday night when Jesus Atencio took on “Eagle Eye” Jayson Shaw
Atencio, who moved from Venezuela to Charlotte three months ago, was excited to just get the opportunity to play Shaw. “This is my first big one pocket event, and to get the chance to play a player like Jayson was a dream come true” said Atencio through a friend who was translating.
Shaw came out strong and ran the first rack for the 1-0 lead, but that is when the pool gods decided to get a littLe Mischievous. Atencio proceeded to score 8-6, 8-5 and 8-6 wins over this year’s Bigfoot Challenge champion. 
“Jesus went for two shots that he knows he shouldn’t have, but they both went in” said Atencio’s friend. Shaw had the same explanation for what happened. “The kid played all the wrong shots and kept getting away with it” he said. “I need two and he needs two at the end, and I kick a ball out of his hole and the the white get double kissed and scratched. Not much you can do when that stuff happens. “
Atencio, who already has a loss at the hands of Justin Bergman, will now wait for round ten to be drawn. The loss was Shaw’s first, and he was upbeat after the loss. “I still have one life left” he reminded the rest of the remaining players.