Atlantic Challenge Cup Signs First Partner

With the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup quickly approaching, the first partner to join the staging of this great event has spoken. Tweeten Fibre, best known for its Master Chalk, have signed on to support the event being held In Rankweil, Austria from the 1st to the 4th of July, 2015.
Tweeten Fibre President Skip Nemecek was extremely happy at the opportunity to support this event and had this to say, “I'm very excited for the first annual Atlantic Challenge Cup.  Nothing could be better than bringing together the young pool players of Europe and America to showcase these future stars in a fun, exciting, and competitive event. I'll be there ringside for the first match in Austria, as well as when America hosts the event in 2016 and I challenge the entire pool world, and pool industry to support this event for years to come.”
The event in 2015 will be staged in the beautiful surroundings of Rankweil, Austria in Patricks Canadian Tavern. This is a location familiar with the top players in Europe and has staged many top level events over the past 12 years, including the women’s world championships in 2005. Norbert Engel, the owner of this establishment, did not need any convincing when asked to be a part of this event and got straight to work with the preparations.
The Atlantic Challenge Cup is organized by the EPBF and its partner IBPF in conjunction with the BCA and will be staged each year between the two Continents.  The annual event will feature four boys and two girls representing Europe and America in a Mosconi Cup style event.