Atwell wins fourth straight on MissCues Regional Ladies Tour


Janet Atwell chalked up her fourth straight victory on the MissCues Regional Ladies Tour with an undefeated, October 13-14 weekend, the fifth stop on the 2012 tour. In her previous three victories on the tour (March, August and September), she'd faced Buffy Jolie in the finals. In the absence of Jolie on this most recent stop, Atwell and Teruko Cucculelli renewed their 2011 rivalry, meeting in the hot seat and again, in the finals. The $250-added event, hosted by 8-Ball Sports Bar and Billiards in Columbus, OH, drew 11 entrants.

Atwell and Cucculelli moved among the winners' side final four, where Atwell met up with Becca Brents (playing as a tour 'guest') and Cuccelelli faced Reni Rose. They advanced to the hot seat match with identical 5-2 victories over Brents and Rose. Atwell sent Cucculelli to the semifinals 5-3 and waited in the hot seat for her to return.

By the time Brents and Rose had moved to the loss side, the third and fourth-ranked players on the 2012 tour (Melody Kuty and Debbie Cervantes) had been eliminated from competition. Rose picked up the fifth-ranked player, Samantha Patton, who'd been awarded a bye and then defeated Kuty 5-3. Brents drew Sandy Day, who'd gotten by Teresa Gifford (#11) 5-2 and Tonya Wiser (#10) 5-3. Wiser had previously eliminated Cervantes.

Patton took a commanding 4-1 lead in her battle against Rose, and though Rose fought back to double hill, Patton prevailed. Brents, with a 5-3 victory over Day, joined her in the quarterfinals. Brents dropped Patton into fourth place 5-2 and was a single match away from facing Atwell a second time. Cucculelli spoiled her bid, chalking up a shutout victory in the semifinals and earning her own second chance against Atwell. 

Atwell concluded her undefeated weekend by allowing Cucculelli only one rack in the race-to-7 finals. Cucculelli, finishing up in second place for the second time on the tour this year, is currently at #32 on the WPBA ranking list, and was playing as a Pro on the tour for the first time.