Aveiga, Campas and Zamora Winners at 3CushionUSA Quechan Triple Crown

Luis Aveiga

The Quechan Triple Crown event held May 26th through June 1st, at the beautiful Quechan Casino in Yuma AZ, saw several top players come out to compete for over $35,000 in total prize money.  The event brought players from all over, as top players from Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador, joined some of the top American players to make this a very competitive event.  

The action kicked off on Sunday the 26th with the handicap event, where the top players all went to 40 points, and the handicaps went down from there.  Players played the event to 35, 32, 30, 28, 25, 23, 20 and 18 points, depending on skill level.  The event saw 42 players randomly drawn into six brackets of seven players each.  The top two players, plus the four best 3rd place finishers moved on to a sixteen-player single elimination event.  The bracket winners for the most part were the usual suspects, with American great Pedro Piedrabuena winning his bracket with a 6-0 record and a 1.29 average.  Ricardo Carranco Jr and Luis Aveiga both won their brackets, and both had identical averages of 1.404, the best for the preliminary rounds.   Some great first round matches in the knockout round included Luis Aveiga beating Roberto Rojas, Hugo Patino beating Harry Pena and Pedro Piedrabuena beating Raymundo Munoz.  When the dust settled it was a final between two of the best players at the event, with Luis Aveiga getting the win over Pedro Piedrabuena and taking home the title.

Luis Aveiga and Javier Campas

On Wednesday the Open tournament and the scotch doubles kicked off.  The Scotch doubles was done a little differently this time, with players being ranked by their handicap, and the “A” players being randomly drawn to the “B” players.  A handicap system was developed, and the tournament saw fifteen teams separated into three brackets.  The top two came out, with the first and second place teams getting a bye, and the third through sixth place teams playing for a chance to join them in the final four.  The only undefeated team to come out of the preliminary rounds was the team of Raymundo Munoz & John Guldali. The knockout round saw Rojas & Semerci defeat Zamora & Feltman Jr, and Aveiga & Campas defeat Pena & Tarhan.  Aveiga & Campas proved unstoppable as they went through their next two games and won the scotch doubles event.

The Open event saw twenty-four players split into three brackets of eight, with the top four advancing to a twelve-man single elimination finals.  Piedrabuena, Aveiga, Zamora and Patino all won their brackets and were given a bye in the first round of the elimination bracket.  On the right side of the bracket, Rojas worked his way through matches with John Park, and Hugo Patino, to face off in the semifinals against Raymundo Munoz.  Munoz had impressive victories over Luis Suarez and Luis Aveiga.  On the left side Pedro Piedrabuena was able to defeat Sang Ho Kim while Harry Zamora was able to take down Harry Pena.  The last four standing saw Raymundo Munoz get by Roberto Rojas, while Harry Zamora was able to get the win against Pedro Piedrabuena.  The final started fast as Harry Zamora jumped out to a big lead, only to see Raymundo Munoz close the gap.  Raymundo was shooting for the win and was kissed out at the last second on what would have been his final billiard.  Harry quickly came to the table and was able to make his last point to win the match 35-34.

Harry Zamora

We want to thank all of the participants who came out to support 3 Cushion USA at their Quechan Casino event.  We would also like to thank all of our sponsors, Hollywood Tables, Million Products, McDermott Cues, Tiger Products and Perimeter lighting, for their continued support.  3 Cushion USA will be holding our next event in Madison, WI, at the Madison Three Cushion Billiard Club, October 9th through 13th   The tournament is the International Open and will have $16,000 added with a $10,000 first place.  This will be a $550 entry fee event, with some of the best players in the world participating.  The event will be capped at forty-eight players.

3 Cushion USA will also be back at Quechan Casino January 11th through 18th for their grand slam event, with $10,000 added and will feature a “B” championship, handicap event, scotch event, and an open event.  

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