AZB and Simonis Team for Free Live Stream at Turning Stone

Simonis Cloth has agreed to sponsor the free live streams of all of the BCA Points events for 2009 on AZBTV. The first live video stream will begin on Thursday, February 19th and will be of the first BCA professional ranking event of the year - the Joss Tour event at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY. Every big name in American pool will be competing and we will feature the big-name match-ups on the video table. Just click on the link in the Simonis Streaming Guide on the AZB front page and enjoy all the action from the comfort of your living room.

AZBilliards wishes to thank Simonis for their support and to also thank our continuing video sponsors, Tiger Products and Predator Cues. It is their support that covers the cost of these video efforts and enables you to see the best players in the world at no charge. Please support these companies as it is they who support the game in many ways. In these tough economic times it is companies such as these who continue to step up to the plate and they deserve your business. 

The live stream from Turning Stone will be from Thursday through Sunday. Our next BCA points event to be streamed will be the Players Championship from the Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge. The same sponsorship team is in place for this and all of our live streams. AZB also wishes to thank our hosts for these streams. Mike Zuglan and Joss Cues are gracious to allow our presence in Verona and Allen Hopkins Productions makes our journey to Valley Forge possible. We look forward to these events and hope to see many AZB'ers in person at both of these wonderful events.