AZB Gold Member Wins Viking Cue

AZBilliards is pleased to announce the opening of our Gold Mine. The Gold Mine consists of a number of benefits geared for our Gold Members only. Among the veins in this mine we have the Monthly Giveaway. This month we are giving away a Limited Edition Viking Cue. We have done a random drawing of all of our Gold Members and the wiiner of this cue is Ray Lopez of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Ray, your cue will ship today!


We have lots more coming for Gold Members. We are working on exclusive content, discounts from our advertisers for all Gold Members, and continued contests and giveaways. It pays to be Gold, and we are working to make this level actually be a money-maker for you with the discounts and the prizes. To become a member of the club just go to and fill out your info.