AZB Launches Streamer Central

AZBilliards is now the one source you need to capture all of your favorite live streaming events. By clicking HERE or on the Streamer Central banner just above the Simonis Streaming Guide on the AZB front page you will be taken to a listing of all of the live streams that are available or have been available recently and therefore may be broadcasting again soon. 

This list will be updated constantly as every streamer will be automatically checked at least once every 30 minutes for streaming activity. As soon as our software tells us there is a live stream it will be featured at the top of the Streamer Central page. So refresh often.

And you can now watch more than one stream! You can choose any two live streams and watch them on the same page side-by-side. If you want to open another browser window and position everything correctly you can watch four matches at once if that many are available at that time! Actually, if there are six matches going you can have them all on a large screen by opening four windows, two with single matches and two with two matches each. This writer is watching four different streams while creating this press release. 

This is a real plus for all of the streamers out there. Every viewer that watches any stream through the AZB portal shows up in the streamers viewing numbers as one more audience member. The increased number of viewers that we can bring to the streams means that the streams will be more attractive to potential sponsors and advertisers. Since you can watch more than one stream at a time you can help boost the numbers for multiple streamers on a single computer. Our aim is to increase the viewing traffic to all of the streamers out there who do so much for our game. We hope that you will tune in and help us move the streaming scene forward.

The just-launched version of the Streamer Central software is Version 1.0. It covers all of the streamers who are currently using UStream, which is most of them. Version 1.2 will encompass other streaming platforms and expand our functionality even more. And there are more improvements to come! We want everyone to watch live pool on their computers and we will be offering more goodies to encourage that as the page matures.