AZB to Free Stream Lee-Villarreal Challenge Match

AZB will be providing a free live stream of the challenge match between Jeanette Lee and Vivian Villarreal this Friday and Saturday. The stream will begin on Friday at 4PM and will continue until one of the players reaches 10 ahead or until midnight, whichever comes first. A second set will be played beginning at 4PM on Saturday.

AZB welcomes all who wish to view this to tune in. However, we have some caveats for you. The pipe coming out of STIX poolroom in VIlla Rica, Georgia, is a DSL line. So we could wind up with many serious stream problems, especially if a lot of viewers tune in. There is the possibility that things could go very smoothly, but the possibility of stream problems also looms.  So be aware.  We will do whatever we can to provide you the best possible stream under the circumstances.

STIX is owned by Monica Webb and Helena Thornfeldt and is an easy 20-minute drive from Atlanta. Located at 660 W. Bankhead Hwy (PH: 770-456-1616), the best viewing option for annyone in the area is to just come on out to the room and have some quesadillas with us. We will be attempting to get a quesadilla review from San Antonio native Vivian Villarreal. I will be doing the beer review. I will also be putting the squeeze on Shawn Putnam to come out and do some commentary for the stream. Should be fun! Come join the party.