AZB Wanted/For Sale Forum to Undergo Changes

AZBilliards is going to be making changes to the Wanted/For Sale forum section. This section was intended to be a place for individuals to sell their personal items. When an individual got a new cue they could sell their old one on our forums. It was intended to be a service for our readers.

But it has become a section that continually bites us and the advertisers who support the very existence of AZB.

So we are going to take it back to what it was always supposed to be. ONLY individuals with used merchandise for sale will be able to post there in the New Year. No new merchandise will be able to be sold there and certainly no mass marketing will be allowed to continue.

All businesses who are currently working off of that forum should make appropriate plans. Any who are interested in continuing their presence on AZB should contact our advertising department via email: