AZB Welcomes The Sports Doc

AZBilliards is very pleased to welcome our new columnist, Dr. Chris Stankovich, to our pages. Dr. Stankovich is the author of the acclaimed "Mind of Steel for Pool Success" and is the founder of the Advanced Human Performance Systems. He stars on the Ohio Sports Network as "The Sports Doc" and has been praised for his work by many star athletes such as Paul O'Neill and Bob Tewksbury.

His first column is now available on the main page. We will be featuring new columns from Dr. Stankovich on a regular basis and we know you will enjoy them as much as we have. We all know that pool contains a huge mental aspect and that we are often our own worst enemies at the table. These columns will help you become the source of your own strength and will help you develop a mental map that will carry you forward and into the realms of success.