AZBilliards and Accu-Stats Team Up at US Open

AZBilliards and Accu-Stats are teaming up this week to bring you the best coverage of the US Open ever presented! You can just go to, and view real-time scoring, presented by Lucasi Hybrid Cues. On this page you will find a graphic of all 16 tables with the names of the players who are currently involved in the match on that table. Each table will give you the current score, updates in real time with the scores progressing after each and every rack.

Click on the table number and you will go to a page that shows you a graph of the match that will give you the entire history of the match, game by game, so you can know who led the match at every point. This will let you know who made the greatest comebacks, who led his match every step of the way, which matches were nip and tuck, etc. You may also click on a link to the brackets here and see what matches are coming up and the history of the event as the week unfolds.

There are links at the top of the age that will carry you directly to the Accu-Stats live streaming PPV page. If you are on the scoring page, the Accu-Stats live stream table is usually table number 16, but always the highest number table on the page (right now it is table 15). See a match on that table that you want to watch? Just click on the link, sign up, and watch the match! We invite you to purchase the entire week of action for only $58.95.

We at AZBiliards are very proud to be teaming up with Hall of Famer Pat Fleming and his crew to be able to bring you this unprecedented coverage of the Open.