AZBilliards to Attend World Ten Ball Championships

AZBilliards will once again be serving the role of the WPA Press Officers and will be attending the WPA World Ten Ball Championship in Manila, Philippines this September 29 – October 5.  Jerry Forsyth will be in the broadcast booth providing match commentary and Mike Howerton will be filing press reports that will be distributed to media around the world as well as posted on

This is the premier of the World Ten Ball Championship and AZB is proud to be a part of this initial tournament. Organized by Raya Sport and hosted by the BSCP, more information on this Championship may be obtained at including player lists, hotel choices, etc.

AZBilliards will feature links to live video feeds of the WTBC, interviews with players after key matches, current scoring and the behind-the-scenes news of everything concerned with this event. Who will be the first World Ten Ball Champion in history? We do not need to wait long for the answer.