AZBTV Set to Launch October 15

AZB Broadcasting, LLC, doing business as, will officially launch on October 15 with newscasts emanating from the US Open! We will keep our viewers up to the minute on the tournament scores, upcoming matches and interviews with the combatants. We will take you inside the Convention Center for an up-close look at the event and to Q-Masters, the legendary poolroom owned by Barry Behrman, the one and only promoter who has made the US Open the must-win title for every professional player.

AZB Broadcasting, LLC is an open broadcasting network that accepts quality programming from billiard interests around the world. We offer video production companies who own or create billiards content an entirely free platform upon which they may showcase their work. We have already partnered with and to bring you their finest material and are looking forward to content from Canada via Q-Sport Media of Ontario. We will have an instructional channel where the best teachers in the world share their knowledge and a tournament channel that shows the most important events and stores them as archive footage to be shown whenever a viewer wishes to watch. We will have a billiards history channel and channels devoted to 3-cushion, snooker and other disciplines of cuemanship to draw participants from all over the world. Of course, there are plans for a news channel that keeps everyone up-to-the-minute on happenings in the sport and industry and interviews with the movers and shakers who keep the billiards world turning. We will take you inside the factories where the tables and cues are made and we will let the players themselves share with you the tales of life on the road and on the slate.

The network will be extremely user-friendly. No viewer must watch at a set time or even utilize a recorder. They can just turn us on anytime they wish and select the programs they want when they want to watch them. All programs will be archived so that if someone missed the tournament highlights that afternoon they can just as well watch them that night. You can take a lesson from a BCA Master Instructor at 3 AM if you wish. Or learn about the past masters of the game over breakfast. For once, the viewer is in complete control of the palette.

AZBTV is seeking team members who recognize that the future of television is no longer limited to the standard broadcast channels. People who know that today it's as easy to watch YouTube as NBC, and on the same screen. We are seeking additional content, both current and historic, that is of admirable quality. We need technicians who can quickly create web pages that are professional, creative and resourceful. AZBTV will be the largest billiard portal in the world and will be the one site that offers a myriad of content for all viewers at no charge. The finest content we can find and create, all for free to anyone who wishes to tune in from anywhere around the globe. We will grow quickly. If your talents are geared to high-quality web broadcasting and page creation, or if you possess quality material for which you seek a massive portal and an income stream, contact either Mike Howerton or Jerry Forsyth.