Babica wins in Bulgaria

With a win at the Bulgarian Open, Poland's Radoslaw Babica has taken the lead in the Dynamic Best of the East 2011.

Babica was unstoppable all weekend and he made quick work of most of the obstacles laid before him. Bulgaria's best, Nikolay Kemielev, fell to Babica 9-1 in the semi-finals. Mariusz Roter didn't fare much better in the finals, where Babica won 9-3.

Babica's countryman Piotr Ostrowski also had a great event and scored a third place finish. All told, the final eight places held six players from Poland, one for Armenia and one from Bulgaria.

One big surprise in the results was last year's series winner, Armenia's Melkonian Babken, who was eliminated in the group stages.

The Dynamic Best of the East is the only European competition taking place in Bulgaria. In it's sixth year, the series is the only place where Bulgaria's players can compete with players from different countries on their home ground.

52 players from 8 countries took part in the event ( Poland, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Romania, Armenia and Bulgaria) which took place in the Stix Club in Sofia. The next event will be in Katowice in May.

The strategic partner of organizer Mak Marketing was Real Billiard from Sofia. Thanks to their involvement, three matches were broadcast on Bulgarian TV3. Thank you very much for your effort.