Back to Back Wins for Liz Cole

Liz Cole (Photo courtesy of Rail2Rail Productions)

The Parlor in Bellevue, WA hosted the NWPA's 5th Tour Stop of 2011 on Aug. 13-14th.  We would like to thank our title sponsor Mueller for their continued support.  Please support us by supporting them.  Mention the NWPA and receive a discount on Mueller merchandise.  The Parlor is located at Lincoln Square in beautiful downtown Bellevue.  Some upcoming events include the Legends of Comedy Series.  Other scheduled activities at The Parlor include karaoke on Thursday and UltraDance with DJ Kemal on Saturdays, both starting at 9:30 p.m.  Delicious food and drink menus complete the experience, so if you ever have the opportunity to visit, please do… The tournament was run on nine 9-foot Brunswick Gold Crown IVs with Centennial billiard balls.  Rail2Rail Productions provided live streaming for the entire event and guest commentators included Tamre Rogers, Kimberly Kirk, Alisha Rogers, and several others.  Thanks to all who contributed. 

Twenty-three ladies came out to compete on Saturday morning.  With four of the top 10 ladies not in attendance (3 of the top 4) there was a definite opportunity for some different players to move up in the standings. Only twelve players returned on Sunday in the main event.  On the A side: Tamre Rogers vs. Suzanne Smith and Kimberly Kirk vs. Liz Cole.  Suzanne and Liz both won their matches by the score of 7-2 and 7-1 to meet up for the hot seat.  Liz dominated during that match as well, defeating Suzanne 7-2 to ensure her place in the final.  On the B side, only four out of the eight remaining ladies would advance into the money rounds so match play was fierce.  B side matches included Deby Welfringer vs. Shari Ross, Debbie Cicchiti vs. Alisha Rogers, Stacy Eilts vs. Elaine Eberly, and Shelby Locati vs. Kathy Stanley.  Deby, Alisha, Stacy, and Shelby advanced through their first matches by the scores of 6-3, 6-5, 6-3, and 6-5 respectively to square off against each other.  Deby played nearly flawless pool to advance past Alisha 6-0, while Shelby defeated Stacy by a closer margin, 6-3.  Deby then continued on her streak to defeat Tamre 6-2, while Shelby's tournament ended with a loss to Kimberly 6-3.  Kimberly then defeated Deby 6-4 to advance to the semifinal against Suzanne.  Suzanne played smart and with a couple untimely errors defeated Kimberly 6-2 to earn a rematch against Liz Cole in the final.

The Final:  Liz Cole vs. Suzanne Smith- Race to 9, Alternating Break

Liz path to the final: Michelle H (5), Alicia K (5), Alisha R (5), Kimberly K (1), Suzanne S (2)

Suzanne path to the final: Kit D (5), Deby W (6), Kathy S (3), Tamre R (2), loss to Liz (2), Kimberly K (2)

Suzanne won the lag.  Through the first 6 games, Liz and Suzanne exchanged racks for scores tied at 1-1, 2-2, and 3-3.  Who was breaking had little impact on the outcome, as both players won games on their own break and on each other's. Liz took game 7, however Suzanne was not able to tie the match for a 4th time.  In game 8, Liz took her first 2 game lead (5-3) when a scratch by Suzanne, while playing safe on the 1 ball, led to Liz executing a flawless table run.  They exchanged racks through Game 11 with Liz maintaining a 2 game lead.  Strong safety play by Liz and inconsistent shot-making by Suzanne in Games 12, 13, and 14 resulted in Liz winning each of the remaining racks to win the final by a score of 9-5, solidifying her position atop of the NWPA's 2011 Standings.  With her performance, Suzanne moved into the top 10.  Deby and Kimberly also moved up two positions in their respective rankings (Deby 5th to 3rd, Kimberly 8th to 6th).  Great tournament ladies!  With only two tournaments remaining there should be some fierce competition to determine the year end standings.

Main Event Payouts

Place $ Player
1st 365 Liz Cole
2nd 250 Suzanne Smith
3rd 155 Kimberly Kirk
4th 115 Deby Welfringer
5/6th 74 Tamre Rogers/Shelby Locati
7/8th 54 Alisha Rogers/Stacy Eilts

Five ladies came out to play in the free $100 added Second Chance event.  With a small number, tournament directors, Chris and Ford, chose to make the tournament a Round Robin format.  All entrants would play each other 5 games and high score would take top prize.

Second Chance Payouts

Place $ Player

1st 50 Talya Makus
3rd 20 Kit Dennis

Our next NWPA event will be hosted at Askar's Golden Fleece in Kenmore, WA September 17-18th.  Come out and see if Liz Cole can win her 3rd consecutive stop of 2011 and defend her Queen of the Fleece title.  Thanks again to our title sponsor Mueller.  If you haven't had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to win one of the several cues or other merchandise donated by Mueller, you better hurry. Only two more chances for this year.  Please contact if you are interested in participation.  Need not be present to win and tickets are only two for $5, five for $10. Please support the NWPA and our Passion to Play.