Bad Day for Champs at World 9-Ball

Sometimes being a World Champion puts a big target on your back. Defending Champion Daryl Peach will not repeat his feat as he has gone two and out in Doha and his countryman and former World 10 Ball champion Darren Appleton shared that fate.

Peach lost his matches to Israel Rota of Qatar and Artem Koshovoj of the Ukraine, Appleton lost first to Jason Klatt of Canada and then to Taqi Moustafawi of Algeria.  Today was mostly a day for the one-loss side to weed itself, but four men have made it through the winner's side without a loss and so have graduated from the group stages into the final rounds. They are Shane Van Boening of the USA, Ibrahim Bin Amir of Malaysia, Lui Hui Chan of Taipei and Scott Higgins of Great Britain.

Imran Majid had a bad stay in Doha. Another two and out victim, he lost to two very fine players in the form of Martussz Skoneczny of Poland and Bruno Muratore of Italy.  Most of the other big names are still alive, but there are many more one-loss matches to be played so some of them will no doubt bite the dust and never reach the last stage.

Play resumes on Thursday and we will keep you updated as to the fates of all the players.