Barnes Takes Two on Ladies Fury Tour

CueTime Billiards in Sebring, Florida was abuzz with energy when the Fury Ladies Amateur 9-Ball tour came to town. A $600 prize-fund and the points list were on the table and with all the new players, the regulars had their hands full.

Points-leader Jessica Barnes was on call to defend her spot, 2nd-ranked Colleen Russell was in form and 4th-placed Stephanie Mitchell was hungry for her first tour win. Mitchell started off strong with a 7-0 win over Kelly Meyer. She then had a hill-hill win over 3rd-ranked Niki Rasmussen, followed by a strong 7-1 win over Patti Mitchell. On the top of the bracket was Barnes, posting three consecutive 7-3 wins over Barbara Ellis, Merri White and Monica Fox.

The hot seat match between Barnes and Stephanie Mitchell started off with Barnes running ahead to a 5-2 lead. Then the tables turned and Mitchell was the one to take the lead 6-5. At 6-6, Mitchell got a shot at the one and ran out to shape on a 4-9 carom which she expertly put away to advance to the finals.

Meanwhile, Russell was staging a four match comeback on the B side after losing her first match hill-hill to White. Roberta Case was also on the comeback trail after losing first round to Michelle Pond. After winning her fourth B side match, Case ran into Russell in the quarterfinals. Russell was running out strong but Case's offensive shot-making proved to be too much and Case banked her way out to win the match 5-3.

Case and Barnes met in the semis to determine who would advance to the finals. Case got her foot in the door in the first rack by running out to the eight, but she hung the nine. This mistake proved costly as Barnes snapped up the four games after that to take the match 5-0.

Tension and determination was evident in the final rematch between Mitchell and Barnes. Mitchell was undefeated and Barnes was close to her second tournament victory. Things were head-to-head in the beginning with both players hovering at 2-2 in the race to nine. Mitchell then pulled away and took the lead at 5-2. This time it was Barnes that had to pick up the slack and she put together some runs to go up 6-5. Mitchell managed to get in another game before Barnes put the final 9-ball to bed to win 9-6.

The next Fury Ladies stop will be held at Baron's Billiards in Bradenton on June 4th. The tour will also be returning to Sebring's CueTime Billiards on August 27th.

1st Jessica Barnes $270
2nd Stephanie Mitchell (sponsored by Stroker's Billiards, Palm Harbor, FL) $160
3rd Roberta Case $110
4th Colleen Russell $60