Barouty wins NJ State Straight Pool Title

Comet Billiards in Parsippany NJ hosted the 2004 New Jersey State 14.1 Straight Pool Championship over the weekend where a field of 24 players competed for over $1000 in prize money.

Saturday saw the elimination of notable straight pool player Tony Robles as he dropped a match to Santos Sambajon. Robles led the match 148-134 and needed two balls for the win. He made his break shot and watched as another ball found it's way to a pocket extending his score to 150. Unfortunately, the cue ball also found it's way to a pocket costing Robles both made balls and one additional point. Sambajon ran out the match from there for the 150-147 win.

Sambajon remained undefeated until the match for the hot-seat against Danny Barouty. Barouty scored the win in that match with a run of 80 and a run of 56 to end the match. Sambajon then lost to Bob Maidhof on the one-loss side, settling for third place.

The final race to 200 was won by Barouty who had a high run of 54 in the match. The match was close until Maidhof scratched while already on two fouls costing him 16 points a rerack of the balls.

Barouty earned $5000 for first place, while Maidhof settled for $2500. Sambajon and Allen Hopkins filled out the top four spots.

Complete Payouts:
1st Danny Barouty $5,000
2nd Bob Maidhof $2500
3rd Santos Sambajon $1000
4th Allen Hopkins $700
5th/6th Jack Colavita, Dallas West $400
7th/8th Tony Robles, Danny Harriman $300
9th/12th Steve Lillis, Tom Walter, Lou Butera, Flaco Rodriquez $250