Barraks Can-Do in Schaumburg

James Barraks and Mike Moran

James Barraks cruised undefeated through a full field of 64 players at the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour event at Cue-Can-Do Billiards in Schaumburg, IL.

Barraks defeated Scott Cohen 7-3 for the hot-seat and never looked back as he beat Mike Moran in the finals for the tournament win.

Barraks collected $1675 including both calcutta's, while Moran settled for $1071. Cohen and Paul Navarette filled out the top four spots.

Finishing tied for 5th place was a player from the past. Mark Beilfuss, from Middleville Michigan, surfaced for the first time in over 20 years. Beilfuss was an outstanding player in the mid 70's who had a high Straight Pool run of 208. Beilfuss gave up the game for family and business, but admits that he has the pool bug again. We should be hearing a lot more from this player in the near future.

Another notable finisher was Sarah Rousey, currently ranked #18 on the WPBA points list. While the majority of female players don't have to pay an entry fee to compete in Viking Tour events, Rousey was required to pay an entry due to her WPBA touring pro status. Rousey finished tied for 13th place, one spot into the money.

Complete Payouts:
1st James Barraks $1,675 (including calcutta's)
2nd Mike Moran $1,071 (including calcutta's)
3rd Scott Cohen $600 (including calcutta's)
4th Paul Navarrette $390 (including calcutta's)
5th/6th Mark Beilfuss, Javier Chau $200
7th/8th Aaron Goodwin, Gil Hernandez $150
9th/12th Chuck Ferrara, Willie Munson, Ike Runnels, Ed Flatt $100
13th/16th Sarah Rousey, Charles Blank, Chris Conrad, Henry Brodt $75