Barry Behrman Explains Downfall

There were several reasons why “The Masters” 10-Ball Tournament was not a success, losing around $20,000.  However, I still added $25,000 for 57 players, which in my opinion is no chump change.

First of all, the tournament in Saudi Arabia was a tremendous blow for world class players. We were unaware of the event months ago. WPA events come first and that I understand, but again, I did not know about it; my fault.

Again, never before have I held any amateur events with the exception of 1996 during the U.S. Open and they had over 500 players who actually helped our gate.

The APA, Renee and Mike and Michelle Arigo, did a superb job with only 22 tables and around 150 players. Their tight schedule made it almost impossible for their players, in droves, to attend the pro event. Some did, but there were only a small amount that had time to. I am truly sorry that the words I spoke out of context may have come across wrong about the amateur players. It was not meant to be negative at all. Again, I am very sorry.

Without Dubai or Reno, we believe we would have had well over 100 players and I will take the blame entirely.

We also realized that having “The Masters” the week before the most successful amateur, pro, and vendor turnout event, the Allen Hopkins Expo, was a mistake. You live and learn. It made it almost impossible for working amateur players to take two weeks off back to back.

I guess my judgments were wrong and I, along with my daughter Shannon, will have them repaired before the 2012 “Masters” 10-Ball Tournament.

We are expert promoters, especially with the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, but again I will take the entire blame for this one. I have lost around $50,000 several times in the past during the U.S. Open, so this one is not so bad.

I want to thank the 8 players who understood my mistakes and especially Johnny Archer, for speaking up on my behalf. Thank you Johnny Archer, a true gentleman pool needs.

All will be well with the last 8 payouts and players and each player will be paid on the date stated on the check, again, that you very much.

Barry Behrman