Barry Behrman statement on Masters 10-Ball

To set the record straight; I Barry Behrman and Shannon Behrman Paschall, Promoters of the U.S. Open and "The Masters" 10-Ball events, for several reasons which will be noted below, lost serious money this week.

Due to the 2010 U.S. Open being a complete success with 256 players from 26 countries we decided to do more for the game of pool and conduct another event, "The Masters" 10-Ball.

Months ago when we decided to go forward, we did not know about the event in Fujairah -  a WPA sanctioned event. If we had known, we would have not had this event March 1-5. We did know about Reno, which presented no problems at all.

In addition, having an amateur event at the same time as our pro events was also a mistake. It truly had a negative impact on our gate. Those amateur players have always supported the U.S. Open, but now by playing in their own event, they were unable to attend the pro event. I'll take the blame completely. I'm still learning more everyday about how to make things better and I will.

We fully paid in cash every player who finished 9th through 24th and with only 57 players, we added $25,000 to the event. Now that's strong money.

Shannon and myself wrote eight checks that will be 100% good for 3/15/11, 3/22/11, 3/29/11, 4/5/11 and 4/12/11 as additional sponsorship funds will be coming within a month. Many sponsors have us wait 30 days for their monies.

The eight players who today received the post-dated checks will gladly tell the pool world all of their checks went through on the exact date on their checks, dated every Tuesday for a month.  I'm very sorry it had to be this way for the eight players involved, but I'm doing the best I can and for over 38 years have tried to do just that, my very best for the players.

No one in the world has paid them as much over the years as I have and I intend on continuing to improve my events and my long-term relationships with the players, the fans and my many loyal sponsors.

Barry Behrman