Barry Behrman to Retire

Barry Behrman
Since falling in love with the game of pool and the passion I will take with me when it’s my time, I’ve decided to always keep the U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships for my son, Brady, to carry on after I’m gone.
Q-Master Billiards, America’s largest billiards room, in Virginia Beach, VA is 25,000 square feet with 71 tables; Diamonds 7 and 9 foot, Brunswick Gold Crowns 9 foot, 12 Valley 7 foot, and one 3-cushion Gabriel 5x10 heated table, all in excellent or new condition. Also equipped with a full kitchen, 2 bars with a full Alcoholic Beverage License, a terrific landlord, a very fair monthly rent of under $15,000.00 which includes all common area maintenance, and parking for 550 spaces plus. The location is without a doubt the best in Hampton Roads, 3 blocks away from 2 major interstates and regardless of where you live on the Southside of Tidewater; you are only 15-20 minutes away from Q-Masters.
My next birthday in April I’ll be 69 years young and want to stay that way, young, as long as possible. My doctor tells me I’m in terrific condition but, with that being said, I also have to ask myself just how many “good years” do I really have left to do a lot more that I’ve not been able to due to being nailed to the “pool hall”. As excited as I am approaching “our” 39th annual U.S. Open, I also think a lot to live out my life in many different ways; traveling, visiting friends, family, and even playing a little pool. Maybe move to the Philippines and hang out with Efren, Buste, and a lot more. It sure was nice 4 years ago when I went for 2 weeks, not long enough.
I’m not going to “high roll” anyone interested by asking 3 million dollars but the very doable “fair price” of $2,000,000.00 and not a dollar less. This price is very palatable for both and again, very, very fair.    It would be C.O.D. turn key, no headaches, any debt will be paid off prior, keep the name if you wish, change the name if you wish as that would be the buyer’s choice.
Again, the U.S. Open is not for sale at any price as I have huge plans for the 40th anniversary next October. What I mean by huge is just that with a lot of sponsorship outside the pool industry as well as inside. The market is endless for most everyone who plays, watches, or is involved with the game. I have great plans to leave pool one day in much better condition for the players and the industry. It’s an awful shame that pool players are in such poor conditions and shameful except for only a few and after all these years there’s no way I’m going to allow our sport and my life’s passion, now 49 years, in the shape it’s in. Just wait and see it will be worth the short wait. 
U.S. Open itinerary is:
Thursday night – Challenge match T.B.A.
Friday night – Race to 15, 9 ball, Earl Strickland v/s Efren Reyes
Saturday night – Ring 10 ball; Mika Immonen, Darren Appleton, and Shane Van Boening. All 3 back to back champions, wow!
All at Q-Masters as it was last year center court, table 25. All other tables available for action.
Only 50 seats at $20.00 each will be available soon, we will let you know when. 
Remember, the price for Q-Master Billiards is non-negotiable, C.O.D., turnkey and a great investment.  I just want only to “retire” at my age now. Serious buyers only, e-mail me at Barry Behrman, proud owner 43 years.