Bartram upsets Immonen at US Open Day Two

Chris Bartram (File photo courtesy of

Day two at the US Open 9-Ball Championship had more than it's fair share of upsets and marquee players taking early trips to the left side of the board.

One of the biggest upsets saw road veteran Chris Bartram send reigning US Open Champion Mika Immonen to the one loss side. Immonen trailed the majority of the match, until he pulled even with Bartram at 8-8. That was when Bartram pushed back ahead and scored the 11-9 win.

Other tournament favorites that ended their days on the left side of the board included former champion Gabe Owen, former World Champion Thorsten Hohmann, Oscar Dominguez, Ronnie Alcano, Nick Varner, Marcus Chamat, Raj Hundal and Robb Saez. Saez's loss was especially painful as he led the match 10-6, but was unable to close it out.

Day three on Tuesday will have a number of marquee matches including...

Daryl Peach vs Rafael Martinez
Earl Strickland vs Zion Zvi
Ricky Yang vs Jose Parica
Johnny Archer vs Karl Boyes
Joey Korsiak vs Roberto Gomez
Shawn Putnam vs Kim Davenport

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