Basavich wins Ocean State 9-Ball Crown

Danny Basavich

The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour was at Snooker's Cafe & Billiards in Providence, RI this weekend for the 16th Ocean State 9-Ball Championship with a field of 75 players trying to get their name hung in the rafters alongside such stars as George San Souci, Tony Robles, Mika Immonen, Jim Rempe, Francisco Bustamante and Mike Zuglan.

Danny Basavich looked like the early favorite at this event as he made his way to the winners side final where he played Steve Tavernier. Tavernier had been playing great all weekend, but he did not bring his 'A game' this time and Basavich cruised to a 9-4 win.

On the one loss side, Tavernier ran into a very determined Joe Tucker. Tucker had lost his third match of the tournament to Basavich and was aiming for a rematch with Basavich in the finals. Tucker had already scored wins over Tony Crosby, Randy Labonte, Mike Denault, Frankie Hernandez, Paul Rota and Jason Michas. Tavernier was next to fall as Tucker won the match 9-5.

This set up the finals between Basavich and Tucker. Tucker came out of the gate strong and took a 4-2 lead, but failed to get out in the seventh rack and that proved to be a fatal error. Basavich took seven straight games and won the match 9-4.

Basavich collected $2500 for first, while Tucker settled for $1800. Tavernier and Jason Michas filled out the top four spots.

Basavich was not the only winner on this weekend as Snookers room owners Steve and Regina Goulding were voted into the New England Billiards Hall of Fame for their contribution to the sport. Local player Ray McNamara was also voted in due to his accomplishments as a player.

The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be at Cap's Cue Club in Syracuse, NY on February 12th - 13th for their next event.

Complete Payouts:
1st Danny Basavich $2500
2nd Joe Tucker $1800
3rd Steve Tavernier $1200
4th Jason Michas $900
5th/6th Paul Rota, Pete Genovese $700
7th/8th Frankie Hernandez, Bob Begey $550
9th/12th Paul Dryden, Tony Robles, Mike Deneault, Jay Stevens $400
13th/16th Jude Rosenstock, Mike Minichello, Tom Pereira, Randy Labonte $250
17th/24th Mike Zuglan, Joey Korsiak, Tim Perry, Chris Lynch, Kevin Guimond, Tony Crosby, Ray McNamara, Craig Cochrane $125

Photo courtesy of Mitch Heydt