Bayaua Draws First Blood at Lone Star Billiard Tour Stop

Ernesto Bayaua and Raul Escobedo

Ernesto Bayaua and Raul Escobedo


The big story was Houston’s Ernesto Bayaua who earned his first-ever Lone Star Billiards Tour title, coming from behind and winning  9 consecutive matches in the 43-player, Open division.  Bayaua, long-time APA player and the 2011 U.S. Amateur Champion fell only to multiple Lone Star Tour title holder Andy Jethwa in the third round, proving once again it takes a champion to beat a champion. An impressive Brian Rosenbaum came away undefeated in a field of 59 Amateur division players with a finals win over resident player Sonny Bosshamer, 7-4. However, it was Raul Escobedo who found himself in two hot-seat matches, seemingly on his way to winning both divisions; a feat never achieved on the Lone Star Tour. Ricki Casper took home a “Top Lady” award of $100 while junior player Joey Bourgeois, Jr. finished an impressive 17th-24th in the Open division.  

Bogies Billiards in Houston, Texas hosted the first Lone Star Event of 2013 with a $1,000 added purse this past weekend, Jan. 26th-27th. The 2-day event drew 63 players/ 102 entries with over $6,000 in prize money. In the Open division, Raul Escobedo made his way to the first of two hot-seats with wins over Joey Barnes, 9-7 and Eric Hsu, 9-6. Sonny Bosshamer paved his way as well with wins over Bobby Perez, 9-3, and Sonny Demetro, 9-1. As Bayaua made his way through the one-loss side trenches after a third-round loss to Andy Jethwa, Esobedo quite handily bested Bosshamer for the hot-seat, 9-1. Barnes (7-4) and Bosshamer (7-4) were Bayaua’s last conquests before he reached a confident Escobedo in the finals. Both players appeared very collected and in total control throughout the event. Each took their turn in silence, absent of contempt, and no one could predict how this final would play out.  Players traded game for game until the score was 5-all. One more game is all Escobedo could muster as Bayaua pulled ahead and closed the set, 9-6. In the second set, Bayaua continued his reign with ever-increasing momentum and determination.   Escobedo was determined but defenseless as Bayaua ran away with the set, 7-1. 

Brain Rosenbaum led a most impressive march to the hot- seat of the 59 player Amateur division with wins over San Antonio’s Randall Zapata and Robert Demetro while Escobedo’s victims included Will Felder, 7-5, and Sonny Bosshamer 7-2. Rosenbaum defeated Escobedo for the hot-seat, 7-6, while Bosshamer was making a play on the one-loss side with wins over Bobby Pacheco, 5-1, and Robert Demetro, 5-4. Bosshamer eliminated a disappointed Escobedo, 5-2, to reach Rosenbaum.  Each of these players were eligible, and participated in both divisions, a task that requires immense stamina and resolve. When the final set was called, Bosshamer seemed exhausted while an undefeated Rosenbaum managed to find a spring in his step. In this case, you could judge a book by its cover, as Rosenbaum defeated Bosshamer in the first set, 7-4. 

The Tour would like to recognize its sponsors for this event; the “true triangle” Delta-13 Rack,, and the APA of North Harris County.  Additionally, the Tour thanks BCA Referee Derrell Montgomery and photographer Todd Alston for their services throughout the weekend. Players and patrons are already looking forward to the next big event on the Lone Star Tour, April 20th-21st at Bogies Billiards in Houston, Texas. Other great venues for 2013 will include Skinny Bob’s Billiards, Houston’s Sports Bar, Hawley’s Billiards, and Q-Stix Billiards. For more information visit

Open Division
1st Ernesto Bayaua $510/$650
2nd Raul Escobedo $300/$420
3rd Sonny Bosshamer $170/$250
4th Joey Barnes $100/$100
5th-6th Chase Rudder, Sonny Demetro $65/$50
7th-8th Bobby Pacheco, Danny Roland $45
9th-12th Eric Hsu, Dale Briones, Bobby Perez, Andy Jethwa $35

Amateur Division
1st Brian Rosenbaum $540/$570
2nd Sonny Bosshamer $320/$330
3rd Raul Escobedo $200/$210
4th Robert Demetro $120/$150
5th-6th Bobby Pacheco, Sunny Demetro $75/$75
7th-8th Don Bullard, Bill Fuller $50/$50
9th-12th David Mendiola, Randall Zapata, Danny Lee, Joe Gonzalez $35
13th-16th Eric Hsu, Bobby Perez, Mark Cardenas, Alex Cardenas $25