BCA National 9-Ball Championship on the horizon

BCA National 9-Ball Championship on the horizon

One of the first goals that Mark Griffin set when he took over the BCA Amatuer Leagues was to resurrect the BCA National 9-Ball Championships last held in 2001. It looks that goal is almost complete.

AzBilliards.com has learned that there are tentative dates set for November 16th-21st for this event to be held. The location will be a Vegas Casino, but the exact casino is not yet public information.

Some details that are known at this time are that the event would include Singles, Partners and 3-man team divisions and would have $13,000 in added prize money for the amateuers.

The event will also coincide with the revival of the US Open One Pocket Championship which would be held at the same venue. The one-pocket event will be limited to 64 players and have $5000 in added prize money.

There will also be a $2000 added bank pool event limited to 32 players. In addition to these events, a bar table 10-ball game is being scheduled which would allow the amateurs to compete with the pros. There are also plans in the works for a high-dollar ring game to be played sometime during the week.

As more details are revealed, we will be sure to keep you updated.